As God Is His Witness ,Jon Stewart Thought Camels Could Walk in Snow

Evidentially the person who owns the camel thought it too. In fact, this might be the first time in history a camel has walked on snow and ice. Thank you Daily Show, thank you for pushing the bounds of human knowledge.

Otherwise, meh.

Shoulda got one of them there Bactrian camels.

Unless it was one of them there camels. I didn’t watch the video at work and the “article” says it was a Middle Eastern camel.

I doubt that, since Bactrian camels are common in Mongolia. What may have given this camel problems are the smooth pavement, and the green fences that it was tripping over.

At the start of the video, it’s pretty clear he caught his leg in the fence. He wasn’t tripping on the snow.

Your facts are hurtful things. :smiley:

This is stupid. It’s leg is caught in the green piece of fence. Nothing to do with the snow.

99% comic genius

1% oy vey:smack:

FTR, the last time I had to endure a frozen toilet, I was in the middle of the Syrian desert :smiley:

I once walked a camel on the snow-free but cold December sidewalks of 6th Avenue in NYC (sorry, no cite from a reputable publication, but the animals in the Radio City Christmas show are walked on the streets).* It had minor trouble keeping its feet under it, you needed to be very careful and not rush it along. They are not build for hard, flat surfaces. The handler should have been aware of this; I doubt that John Stewart sent his correspondent to the exotic pet store.

*Yes, as expected, New Yorkers indeed act like you walking your camel down the street at 6 AM is no big deal.

Wait, humans are originally from the savannah! How do we do it!?


If a dromedary can hack sand, I suppose it can hack snow. The cold was probably uncomfortable.

That’s dumb, it can snow in Morocco, I’m pretty it’s not the first time a camel sees snow.

I think in this case the blogger in the OP does not travel in winter.

I like the apparent misunderstanding of censorship in the update to the article, “If I’m not mistaken, it appears that Daily Show correspondent John Oliver walks in front of the camera at one point and urges the man shooting the video to turn it off. Censorship!”

With shoes.

The bottom of a camel’s foot is a big, fairly slick rounded pad. It doesn’t boggle my mind at all that they are poorly adapted for icy conditions or cold pavement (or the mountains of Morocco). The one I was walking had clear difficulties with a dry sidewalk.

Yeah; meh.

However, I’m kind of reminded of that episode of WKRP in Cinncinati where they dropped turkeys from a helicopter.:smiley:

The problem with the camel in the video has nothing to do with the snow. The camel’s right rear leg is trapped between the bars of the portable fence.

As noted by Capitaine and GIGObuster, camels routinely walk in snow in many of the countries to which they are native. They can take the cold too.

Hence the thread title.

He did because they can.

So that’s where the sound effects for the Banthaa and Taun Taun came from!

No kidding!

We were at our local zoo a couple of days ago, and the camels were frolicking outside in their enclosure, full of snow and ice. I also call bullshit on this.