As God Is My Witness, I thought Turkeys Could Fly! - A MMP

It was 32f and cloudy in the wilds of central Orygun when I got up this morning. Brrrr.

I hears ya’. The little town we’re moving to (if we ever finish getting moved) has a whole ~450 people. In t he winter. Double that in the summer with all the rafters and fisherfolk.
Also, there are good thins and bad things about living alone. Try to find the good things.
And, you always have us. :scream:

About the trike, you definitely need a bugle horn too.

I used to have one on my Schwinn but the rubber bulb rotted. :frowning_face:

All of you peeps talking about turkeys makes me kind sad we don’t have one this year. I loves me some turkey, especially the leftovers. The daughter and SIL are coming up late tonight to spend the weekend with us. Maybe they’ll bring some.

Wifey is stirring, so we will get the pork butt into the pot in a few. I bought a 12+ lb pork butt a while back just 'cause. I chopped about 4 lbs off it yesterday and put that back in the freezer. We’ll cook the ~8 lb chunk today for pulled pork.
We will make stuffing however, with chicken thighs. Wifey wants it. I’ll also make my traditional coconut cream pie. Seriously, the family insists every year, and who am I to argue.

Oh, and sometime over the weekend we’ll make shrimp in pumpkin curry sauce. That’s kinda thanksgiving-ish, innit?

Happy Turkey Day to them as likes that sorta thing, Happy Thorsday to everybody!

Meant to say I was away cause I was binging 8 seasons of Dexter. Luckily for me this is free comsast week???Thieving bastards almost as bad as ATT but I digress. Thus, was able to catch the first 3 episode of the new Dexter. Yea I have no life .

Howdy all. Nothing much to report, we’re waiting for my nephew to get back from work to go out to eat. Typing this while I don’t have a lapful of Bassets or Bloodhounds at the moment (they are out back). Weather is nice, sunny and in the 40’sF, will try to get out and look around the city tomorrow when things are open.

Been watching more Criminal Minds,if we actually had that many serial killers in the US I’d be worried about us. Otherwise just a lazy day. We’ll go out to eat something once nephew is here about 4pm.

Oh, lordy lordy me.

Back from our annual camping trip just a bit early. We weren’t planning on returning until tomorrow. Mother Nature had other plans. It doesn’t matter how good your tents are or your set-up is. 80 mph winds will tear it apart like tissue paper. Early estimates are $1000 worth of tents shredded, with incidental damage to the campsite (smashed lanterns, overturned tables, scattered everything). Tuesday was gorgeous. Wednesday was a bitch!

Anyway, we bailed the second it was light enough out to break camp (what wasn’t already broken) and headed home with our tails between our legs. Luckily one of us has a wife and daughters who do their own Thanksgiving dinner while us men-folk are out in the boonies, so I got invited to that in lieu of what we had planned.

The cats are happy I’m home, but I think this is the first time in nigh-on 40 years we’ve bailed early on a trip.

A little earlier this afternoon, I was in full grandmothering mode:

SIL should be done at work within the half hour. Here’s hoping the turkey is done by then - I just bumped the temp of the oven up - can’t believe it’s still not done!! The sides are out of the fridge to lose a bit of the chill before replacing the turkey in the oven. Roxy is starving and I’m getting there…

Happy Thanksgiving, Mumpers! I’m glad everyone seems to be doing well. Oopsie, so glad surgery went smoothly. quietly, sorry the camping trip wasn’t exactly a breeze.

Turkey is just about done roasting, then it gets a half hour on the counter to think about its sins before carving. Everything else is in “go” mode. But really, folks, isn’t this all just an excuse for turkey sandwiches tomorrow?

Turkey is out and resting. The dressing is in the oven, and the other sides will go in shortly. SIL is bringing leftover mac-n-cheese from his work - like we need more food. :rofl: Hunger abounds!

FCD was holding Toby and he (FCD) fell asleep. Then Toby fell out of his arms - not even 2’ to a cushy carpet. My poor sweetie was so worried, but Daughter scooped up the baby and he was fine - mostly just surprised at the indignity. Kids fall. Life goes on. Of course, he’ll probably never win a Nobel Prize now.


OK, back to the kitchen with me.

The turkey’s been in the oven since about noon, and it’s only up to 86ºF. Being stuffed, it may take longer than anticipated.

What didn’t fit into the bird, I made into two ramekins of dressing in the toaster oven.

Howdy Y’all! Been quite the day here at da cave. Much feastin’ and festivity was had by all. It was a lot of fun to have a “crowd” gathered together. However, as I always say, I like company both comin’ and goin’. Everyone left around three-thirty. We loaded the dishwasher, put away leftovers, and collapsed upon the bed for a much needed rest. Now chillage ensues.

oopsie so glad the operation went well and that the recovery is goin’ good. Hang in there. Just think in a weeks you’ll be gettin’ back to bein’ normal you. OK, maybe what passes as normal for you.

MOOOOOOM great grandma pose there! Do you have the requisite bowl of hard candies set out on the coffee table yet? Yeah, babies are resilient. A few years of therapy and Toby will be just fine.

quietly sorry you got blown out of the campin’ trip, but hey, turkey still awaits.

Everyone enjoy your feast or you recovery from the feast.

I wanted one of those for my trike, but hubs bought me a bright red bell so of course I had to use that instead. I could probably have both, the nice thing about being on three wheels is that I’m not going to fall over if I start messing around with gizmos. Butters also think about wrapping silk flowers around your basket, bonus fashion points if you also decorate your riding helmet with the same flowers.

The wind is blowing something fierce so hubs is having problems with the smoker and dinner might be delayed. It’s just us this week and we don’t really mind.

We keep boxes for the weekly surplus produce events and on Tuesday hubs and I took all of our big boxes to the Community Center and broke down all of the small ones that have stacked up to put in the trash. The trash went out yesterday.

I assigned Secret Santa partners today and started wrapping things to send off to my recipient, while feeling very organized. I have been shopping for this all year. I planned and organized the secret santa thing this year. I scheduled time to get everything done today.

I don’t have a shipping box.

That may explain some things… :thinking: :wink:

Oopsie yay! I’m glad to hear from you and glad things are going well. I was starting to worry. Have a marvelous Thanksgiving.

When I was at the hospital after 'Beamette was born, their policy was to just keep the babies with the moms - no rest for mom. I managed to drop 'Beamette from the bed to the floor. I freaked out. There were more nurses in the room reassuring me than there were with her. She was fine. I was terrified that I had broken her just after we got her. :scream:

Sorry to hear that your trip ended early. I heard there were Santa Ana winds in your area. Enjoy Thanksgiving at your friend’s house.

Those are some cute little house trolls!

The turkey is about to go in. I’ve made some shrimp dip. One kind of stuffing just needs to re-heat in the oven. My mom is making a second kind. The mashed potatoes are done. We need to do the green bean casserole and the sweet potato (AKA yam) casserole. There are two kinds of dessert, because my dad.

Happy Thanksgiving. I certainly count this group as among my blessings. :innocent:

15 minutes per pound (minimum) for a stuffed bird. Mine was 14 pounds, which should have taken about 3.5 hours; ended up closer to four.

DH and I are awaiting our massive dim sum order. The waitress was all “you really meant to order that much?” Yes, we do. It reheats beautifully. :slightly_smiling_face:

Plans for the weekend involve avoiding stores as much as humanly possible.

Roxy decided she wanted to go home tonight, much to her parents’ chagrin. Nothing would change her mind. So they’ve all gone home and FCD and I just had some punkin pie. I’m glad she decided to go home - I’m tired and I really didn’t want to deal with her much longer - she wears me out! But it was her idea - I had nothing to do with it. Really!

We did take a nice ride around the yard thru the woods out back - twice - once in each direction! And she played on her swings. I did my best to tire her - I hope she crashes when they get home. I know I will.

My daughter wants me to come over tomorrow to help wrangle kids while she puts up the tree - that’s my only plan… for now.

Just home from the turkey day doings at my friends’ house. Was very nice. I had some quality “uncle-ing” time with the little one. Early meal, +/- 2:45, and everything was delicious, but with the new night time, 6 pm felt like midnight, so I’m glad to be back home.

Back from dinner. The traditional foods, served on Grandma’s china and plastic utensils. Because that’s how they roll in The Quay. I also got sent home with so many desserts, I expect Wilford Brimley’s ghost to show up. Diabeetus

Glad you made it through the surgery, Oopsie

Sorry about the in-tents end to the camping trip, Quietly.

Cute pic, Mooommmm].

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Update: Somebody just went Fatal Attraction on me for petting my friend’s Pomerainian at dinner. I have a rather nasty bloodstain on my pants now.

:tired_face: Gordie or Alex Catt?

I am exhausted. Somehow when I wrangle Thanksgiving, it doesn’t seem that much work. When I help my mom, it takes hours and wears me to the bone. I guess I just have my own rhythm and she has hers.

It was nice to have a family meal. We’ll be doing something again soon, since my sister and family were out of town today.