As God Is My Witness, I thought Turkeys Could Fly! - A MMP

She liked.

I have one, but we paid the shop to put it together. You need a bell and some handlebar streamers and a couple of flags on long flexible poles if you want to properly old lady your ride!

Mine is red, with rainbow streamers and both a cat and a butterfly flag. I went out and bought clothespins because I wanted to clip a card to the bar so it would make cool noises against the spokes, but the bar is too big for the clothespin and now I have a hundred clothespins and no clothesline.

The longer I live out in the sticks, the more I cringe when faced with having to go to Phoenix.

It’s probably just me, but when I have to sleep in crowded cities, I can feel a low grade vibration when I’m laying down. It’s now so bad when I’m sitting, but it’s still there. I think I’m allergic to people.

Our housekeeper was here today and gave me some weed her son grew. It smelled good, but didn’t have the kick of what I’m used to. I’ve considered growing my own since it became legal, but I think I would spend too much money on equipment and supplies to save any money at all.

A neighbor who is heavily into critter rescue bakes and sells wonderful pies and I like to support her efforts so I’m happy to pay her 20 bucks each. Hubs is all Atkins and stuff, and I really can’t eat a whole pie before it goes bad, so I cut a big slice for me and our housekeeper happily takes the rest. Her son, DIL and three grandkids live with her, so she happily took canned veggies I got in the Thanksgiving box yesterday. We compared turkey sizes and I was pretty happy that this time the folks filling the boxes took size of household into consideration. They usually don’t, we get so much food that I spend half a day giving it away.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 37 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 72 and mostly N.O.S. for the day. ‘Tis Feast Day, so Mr. Tom is now in the oven beginnin’ to roast away. The carrots, rolls, squish casserole, sweet N.O.T. casserole and dressin’ will need to be baked as well and I shall make the gravy. The beans and greens just need to be heated up. Bzzy mornin’ of gettin’ stuff ready ahead! Folks should arrive around elevenish for pre feast carryin’ on and we shall have the Feast of Turkey around one. Hope everyone who celebrates has a good Turkey Day.

Butters glad you had a good visit with your son and that Buddy did so well. Enjoy the adult trike. I think nameless has a good suggestion with the bell, streamers, and flags. If you’re gonna do it, do it up right!

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then I suppose I must make myself presentable to receive company and commence to gettin’ stuff done. Rah.

Happy Turkey Day Amurrkin Mumpers! Happy Thursday everyone else!

Happy Thanksgiving all!

There are areas that aren’t too peoply - ours is semi-peoply, but when we drove to the Eastern Shore last week, we were in a low-concentration people area. You just need to look and decide how far you’re willing to be from essentials. Or you can just stay put… :wink: Glad you had a good visit with your son and DIL. And I’m also glad you have good neighbors who are looking out for you!

I have a clothesline, if you want to rehome your clothespins! :smiley: Of course, the postage would probably cost more than the pins are worth…

swampy - I just put our bird in the oven, too. Before I could start, Roxy came toddling out - what kid wakes before 5:30??? But she doesn’t seem to be as snotty as she was yesterday - maybe it was a 24-hr thing? I hope… Anyway, the turkey goes at 350° for an hour, then I drop it back to about 180° for many more hours. I seasoned it with my rotiss rub - it’s smelling yummy already! I figure it’ll be done by 3 or so.

The neck is boiling with spices so I can make turkey broth. I don’t make my own gravy - too much like work when the stuff in the jar is fine. Plus I can use the broth and some leftover meat to make turkey noodle soup - yum! So apart from the broccoli, everything else for dinner is pretty much ready to go. I even set a reminder on Alexa to get the casseroles out of the fridge ahead of bakeage. How efficient is that?!?!? :grin:

Apart from laundry in a couple of hours, the only thing I have to do is change the table linens and set the table. Roxy is a good help with that. And so it begins.

Happy Thanksgiving!!! :turkey: :broccoli: :carrot: :pie: :coffee: :cookie: :ice_cream: :bread: :green_salad: :potato: :salt: :cupcake: :candy: :cocktail: :beers: (no Pepto emoji???)

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving!

I was awake at 0300 hours but forced myself to stay in bed until 4:00 am.

I’m just about done with my coffee and need to start cleaning the kitchen. I also need to bake my cake because I didn’t get to it last night.

We’re supposed to be at the kids’ place in the early afternoon, so I have time. I’m looking forward to seeing my kids and grandkids.

Morning all and Happy Thanksgiving. Slept fairly well last night, just waiting for the day to get a bit lighter before heading over to nephews. Not much happening there, he has to work today and they are all happy to sit around and watch Criminal Minds all day. Still, they’re family.

Everybody enjoy Thorsday.

Happy T-day, all! I was over at my friends’ house yesterday, we got most of the prep done. Today is just the bird (s), taters (eta guess this should be N.O.T.), and gravy. Yesterday was all horse do-overs, so they’re all prepped for today. (I never really understand the need for hors d’oeuvres on thanksgiving, but it’s tradition in their family.

Up, caffeinated,m and sheveled. Off today. I’m going over the river and through the woodsTo The Quay for thanksgiving dinner with some friends.

:turkey: :pie: :cocktail: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! :cocktail: :pie: :turkey:
to the 'Murikin Mumpers.

Happy Thursday to Nut, boofae, LiLi, Nava, and everyone else. :neutral_face:

By getting hammered? :wink:

Welcome! and sounds like a nice change from the traditional (Wild) Turkey dinner.


Ouch, that’s halfway to a lobotomy.

Well, that gives me a reason to visit the island again. :slight_smile: But glad you got to see your son.

“Shirnk, I want to kill.”


Laundry is started and there’s a nice fire warming the basement. Roxy is watching Paw Patrol. Daughter and Toby should be here soon. Mostly chill morning. Nice.

I wonder what time I should start cooking? I wonder when we want to eat? Maybe I’ll start cooking around ten of the clock. That’ll give me a bit over three hours to drink coffee, make breakfast, and think about cooking.

Happy Thorsday!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Chilly 30 degrees at the park this morning.
It’s not so bad once the sun comes out. All seven regulars showed up today, kind of surprising since #7 is a bit wussie about the cold and has started going in the afternoon. One of the newbies showed up too, with a very energetic lab puppy.
Earlier in the morning, before everybody got there, Urban the Airedale, got a bad case of the zoomies. When he runs, the whole pack chases him. Thanks to him a lot of energy got burned up. The lab puppy took care of whatever energy was left.
With so much activity going on, barky dog wasn’t so barky.

I decided to take off irk today.
I’m just not in the mood to put up with it. It’s going to be a lay back and not do anything I don’t want to do day.

I don’t really like turkey, but I’m very fond of chestnut stuffing. Happy Thanksgiving, all!

When I went to empty the dryer, I heard a phone ringing - one of the guys who installed our furnace left it in the basement. I just sent a message to the company to let them know. Poor guy must be going crazy.

We’ve all lunched, including Toby. One load in the dryer, one in the washer, one more to go. Productivity with chillage. All in all, a good day.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my fellow USA Mumpers!

First things first: overlyverbose, I’m sorry about your dad’s sudden turn. I don’t know anything about your relationship, but preparing to lose a parent is almost always complicated at the very least.

Thanks so much, y’all! :purple_heart: :blue_heart: :heart:

I never had the pre-op “OMG WTF AM I DOING” moment I thought I would: I was surprisingly calm and unstressed all of Monday, even when they wheeled me to the OR. And the surgery went off without a hitch. The surgeon did discover a hiatal hernia (likely the cause of my acid reflux issues), but he repaired it while he was in there. I was discharged Tuesday afternoon, but didn’t really start feeling “human” again until last night.

I’m not gonna lie: I’m still in a decent amount of pain whenever I change positions (go from sitting to standing, etc.) or walk around. I’ve never had any kind of surgery before – I’ve never even broken a bone – so this is new for me. The worst, though, is coughing: that’s like my internal stitches are going to burst. OUCH. But it’s nothing unexpected for day 3, and I do feel like I noticed a little improvement this morning. Everyone heals differently; I just need to take things one day at a time for a while.

Right now I’m sitting at my desk, on my home computer, while the Thanksgiving parade is playing on my iPad. I’ll watch the dog show at noon – I’ll likely move into the living room for that – and at some point today I’ll watch part 1 of the new Beatles documentary (Get Back, on Disney+). I’ll also keep taking my meds/following my discharge instructions, and sipping both a protein drink and some kind of clear fluid (Gatorade Zero, Vitaminwater Zero, etc.) all day.

There’s no turning back now… :wink:

(To quote one of my favorite musicals: “For I have crossed the Rubicon; let the bridge be burned behind me! Come what may…come what may!”)

I hope everyone has a terrific day, whether it’s a holiday for you or not!

I think I’ll run the dishwasher before I start cooking. Still might get started around ten.

Good morning all and Happy Thanksgiving!

My daughters prefer chicken to turkey, so I am about to put my roast chicken in the oven. I picked up some baguettes from the French bakery yesterday to chop up for my savory stuffing. I will be making my scratch green bean casserole (recipe earlier in the thread) and mashed Parmesan garlic Yukon gold potatoes later on and we plan to eat rather early. The girls have plans for later with friends.

I have much to be thankful for, and I could fill a TL:DR post with all of it. I won’t bore y’all with it though…

We all love hearing good stuff mixed in with the bad. Wouldn’t be boring, I promise.

Me? Monkey hopped into my lap as I was typing that reply, and is now purring mightily while holding one paw on me, the way he does. (I think that’s his “I own you” gesture.)

:musical_note: You can get anything you want
At Alice’s restaurant! :notes:

Did anyone tell you to hug a pillow against the incision area when you cough? It helps - trust me! Healing thoughts heading your way.

One of my faves also!

We just put the leaf into the dining room table. It’s hugely long, but with all the sides, we need the space. Roxy is sitting in there playing with her Paw Patrol plate but we won’t be eating for at least 4 hours. Goofy kid!

I changed my first Toby diaper, with a bit of trepidation, remembering little boys and their tendency to become fountains, but not today. Of course, I expect to get squirted eventually.

Roxy beckons.

I’m typing this right now with a pillow on my lap. :smiley: It also helps when getting up/sitting down.

Thank you!!

My “nephew” is 20 now, but I still remember changing him and having a washcloth nearby to quickly cover him with as soon as the diaper was removed. Not foolproof, but it kept me from getting peed on at least a few times. :slight_smile:

Most of the “kids” in my life now are far from babies, but still too young to be having babies of their own. My best friend’s niece had a baby last year, but I haven’t gotten to see her much because of COVID and because they live 50 miles away (and have three other kids). Sometimes I miss babies!