As mundane as it gets!

I find myself visiting SDMB less and less.

I’ve tried, I have really tried.

But I do not like navigating this new board. Too much scrolling.

Don’t count me gone. I cannot stay away, for this is home. I’m just not crazy about the new house.


But, but you haven’t seen the new rooms for the goat and ice scream! Not to mention the new tank for the squid; you can’t desert us until you see them at least. Personally, I’d hate to see you leave as you are one of the more articulate members here.

#VOW, don’t leave. Have you tried different themes?

Some are easier.
The scroll is hard but I’ve utilized the little slider bar by clicking or tapping on the box below right. It helps
Give it more time.
You are needed on this here board.
Your humor and snarky ways appeal to me and many others.
Please don’t abandon me!!

Anyone else feel like board activity has actually gone down during the transition, it seems like there are less new threads and the ones that are made it seems like they get 5 replies and then die a silent death. I feel like I only see replies to a select few small number of threads over and over

Yes. Agreed.

I’m not leaving.

I’m bitching. It’s one of the things I’m good at.


All the scrolling has made me realize that I have very little to say, and what I do have to say would be greatly unappreciated. So I stay away, largely.

Yes, and IMO it’s an improvement.

You sir, are a treacherous cretin.


Hey, folks I’m making all the threads I can. I’m only one person.
There’s just so many predicaments I can get into on a daily basis.
The lil’wrekker has been boring of late.
And, egads the Cats are acting sane. (I should not have said that)

I love reading the threads, I’m not nearly able to read them all. But, baby I try.

Keep posting folks. Please.

I liked the boob joke the other day.

This is why I was horrified at the idea of you leaving!

Stay, stay, no matter what! We lesser beings need you!

I seriously doubt that, Beck.

And please stay, VOW. We need you.

I did NO SUCH THING, I assure you.

What Beck and Bip (who’s name avatar combo is giving me the dissonance) said. I need my Super ~VOW who dares defy conventional Höte Cöture by wearing a cape and hair HER way damn yer eyes yah bloody scalawag!!

ok maybe not the piratical part, that was me, but I can see it, in my mind’s eye, Captain ~VOW Caped Pirate King and Terror of The Seven Forums


Alas, my COVID hairstyle has almost obliterated my customary short haircut. The Daughter cut it once (she SAID they were not dog clippers, but I saw the box!), and it desperately needs cutting again.

I even promise to wear the flea collar, this time!

Seriously, the scrolling is getting to me. I scroll-scroll-scroll and then look away and the whole room is swimming around. My vertigo is bad enough as it is!


I assumed much of the drop in activity was due to so many posters only having access at work. Hmmm…

I always thought activity dropped on weekends and then, picked up again through the week. But maybe that perception was wrong?

No clue. I know that it’s summer and when the weather is good, we’re outside.

And then we got Netflix in June, after years of resistance, but a week at home without work (supposed to be vacation), we finally caved.

So not as much time in front of the keyboard for Doping.

And really, TubaDiva’s passing has definitely put a little less spring in my step, when coming here. There were a lot of posters coming back to post their condolences, and I think the board hasn’t yet reach its new normal.

These next few months with the virus and the U.S. elections are going to be difficult. I like that I can hide out in Mundane-land and find new and strange stories.

I agree with the, um, dislike for the infinite scroll.

My sentiments exactly. I care less and less about what has become a train wreck but have no plans to leave for good. Definitely have cut back on participation, although part of that is being so busy. A lot of the better posters have already left. And now I have to put up with advertising despite being a paid member. I see no reason to keep giving money to an increasingly inferior product.