As the DVD-ROM Mounts...

My beloved iBook, affectionately known as the iBrooke, has to be sent to Apple. The official reason is that the DVD-ROM drive is failing to, as the tech support fellows say, mount. The REAL reason is that means that I can’t play The Sims, and I just downloaded a whole bunch of cool skins, and figured out how to make them Mac-friendly. This drive problem has been going on for a while, progressively getting worse and worse.

Anyway, I will be without my iBrooke for a week at the most. 3-5 days repair and two shipping days. Here is what I plan to do with all the free time I will have when I don’t have access to the internet or The Sims. [ul] * My mom is a librarian, and hooks me up with cool books from her ‘private stash.’ I’ll just get a LOT of them. * Clean my apartment. This place is a wreck, but lying in bed surfing the web after a hard day’s work is usually more appealing then scrubbing the floor. [/ul]

What else can a Swiddle do sans computer? How will she communicate with her friends who have moved far away? Smoke signals? Stay tuned to the next episode of “As the DVD-ROM Mounts.”

[ul] ahem, remembering how vB code works.[/ul]

If you are into x-treme stuff you may risk an adventure into the magical but frequently deadly world of ‘OUTSIDE’.
Just a thought.

Go to the mall and terrorize the bag ladies.

Make a tuna casserole. Give some to the cat first. If the cat eats it, it’s probably okay for you to eat it, too.

Go to Wal-Mart and just walk around. Sooner or later, someone will think that you work there and ask for your help. Give them wrong information.

Call Australia and order a pizza. They won’t make it within thirty minutes, so you’ll get it for free.

Tell everybody you’re getting married. They’ll give you a shower, and you’ll get lots of cool gifts. Maybe even a DVD-ROM drive.