Piper down! Repeat, Piper down!

Well, not me personally. Rather, fried motherboard on my home Mac, and the powers that be frown on frivolities like the Dope at work, so myaccess is now lmited to an iPhone.

So, won’t be around much for a while … Try to survive without me.

On the plus side , enforced down time means I’ll have more piping practice time! My neighbours will be so pleased !


For a moment I thought this was going to be about a plane crash! :eek:

…and now I have to go watch So I Married an Axe Murderer for the millionth time.

Aww shucks… :smiley:

/cues Bay City Rollers

Exactly. I saw the title and was thinking “Cub? Cherokee? Navaho?”


The printer in my office is on it’s last legs, so I get at least half a dozen paper jams every week. When it happens an error message pops up on my screen that says “you have a paper jam.”

I always hear the Scottish Dad’s voice in my head saying “You have a paper jam! I repeat, you have a paper jam!”

Cracks me up, I love that movie.

Hope you get your computer problems solved soon.

Mac problems? I’ll rush a PC eastbound on the double-quick!


Seriously, hope the problems get resolved soon. Looking forward to seeing more from you when conditions improve.

Just so you know… one can operate the SDMB quite well via the web browser on an iPhone. There’s even an app called Tapatalk that converts the board into a more iPhone-friendly format. :slight_smile:

Can I move next door - I like pipes!

I was thinking dog training. “Piper. Down!” “Piper Sit!” Good dog, Piper.


Always good to have two of everything like Noah’s ark. I will not be without at least two computers available at my fingertips. That includes multiple Internet links with at least one not requiring electric service.

(bolding mine)
Ah, you want at least one link that is RFC 1149/RFC 2549 compliant? :slight_smile:

Came back from the holidays and the same thing happened to me, maybe (not a Mac though). At least I hope it’s the motherboard, I’ll send out the RMA tomorrow, and hopefully I won’t have to take it apart again if it’s the processor (do those even go bad often?) I’ve got an older computer and a laptop to keep me company, though.

I’m glad it’s only a computer - when I saw the thread title, I was sore afraid you’d been maimed in a tragic broomball incident.

What kind of wine do you serve with fried motherboard?

This kind? :slight_smile:

Sadly, our cellars are rather poorly stocked with Clarinets

Malheureusement, mon USB Vin ne marche pas avec l’ordinateur en panne…

Sadly, my USB Wine doesn’t work with the 'puter on the fritz…

Piper up!

Finally got around to getting the new computer - nice little Mac Book.

Unfortunatley, Mrs Piper has been going through Facebook withdrawl, so I may not be around much any way…

Now let’s see it download a pizza.

(What did you think that slot or tray on the side of the computer was for?)

Yeah, but it only works if you like thin crust. Really thin crust.
Mind you, my MacBookPro gets hot enough to grill cheese if I leave it on too long.

Welcome back, Northern Piper! We’ve missed you!

Good to have you back, Northern Piper!