The Technological Melt-down of the Piper Household has Begun

So, in the past week:

  1. My iPhone died - impossible to charge.

  2. Old Mac #1 developed a jittery mousepad - impossible to use.

  3. New Mac #2 just stopped working. Impossible to turn it on.

  4. The router/modem stopped working, on an intermittent basis, so that even when the Macs were working, it was difficult to print anything on our wireless printer (and we don’t have a printer cable because hey, wireless!)

  5. Most significantly, the router problems interfered with the delivery of adequate wireless supplies of Puss-in-Boots, Teen Titans Go! and Digimon cartoons to the Piper Cub, who made his disatisfaction known, and expressed his desire to smash the malfunctioning router. I pointed out that would not help the situation, but he replied it would make him feel better. Couldn’t really argue with that…

At one point during our discussion, I said to the Cub that modern electronics were the bane of our existence, and things worked much better back in Daddy’s young days when we just had wood-burning televisions and computers. He wasn’t sure if I was joking or not.

(Posted from clunky work computer; we’re hanging from a thread here, people!)

The root cause seems obvious:

One bad apple spoils the whole bunch.


I think this would be a good place to post “RIP” for my beloved 9-year-old BlackBerry, who finally went to the grave on Monday. Loved you much, my BlackBeast.

You don’t by chance have Verizon Fios, do you? We’re also having wireless issues at the Shark household.

No, local Canadian carrier.

But, signs of improvement! Their tech guy arrived this morning and installed a new modem, so I hope the signal improves. W00t!

And I just came back from picking up my new iPhone from the UPS store, courtesy the good folks at Apple! W00t #2! It is uploading my backed-up stuff as we speak.

We may have averted the techno-apocalypse (just barely).

Piper Cub is still sceptical of my tales of wood-burning iPads…

We just have tracphones here but I had a breakthrough. We were braving the elements by going out onto the front porch and leaning waaaay out of the corner to get one bar. We get more bars upstairs than I thought!

Of course I only keep the phone in the car for emergencies, but still!

wait till you tell Piper Cub all about how those wood-burning iPads were all black and white pictures, and sometimes to get a good wifi signal, you had to have your little brother or sister stand juuuuuust right while holding onto the antenna, or extend the antenna with aluminum foil and a wire hanger

Damn son, you had the black and white? My first apple burned borax or molybdenum or something as it was black and green.

You guys had black AND green?

This reminds me of my dad’s original work calculatorfrom the early 1970s It would plug in to charge. It was great to use because the buttons were large. It had red numbers. It ran out of usefulness by about grade 7 for me. (When I replaced using it at home with a credit card sized calculator that also played happy birthday)

The thing was a workhorse though, and Dad had it until somewhere in the 1990s when the battery refused to chage anymore, although for a while he kept it as a plug-in only calculator.

Good idea continuing with the Apple harvest.

well, Dad was in upper-mid-level (perhaps even lower-upper-level) management at the Post Office at that time so yanno, we could afford some of the Good Things™ in life now and then. We still had to get up and walk across the room to change the website though

I tell my kids that we had to walk across the room to change channels, and they don’t believe me. :eek:

Doesn’t everybody know that the world was black and white until 1966? We didn’t get color until then.

(Thanks, Calvin’s Dad!)

I’m with you Northern Piper. In the past two months:

  • Samsung Galaxy can’t detect SIM card. Second time I’ve had it repaired in a year.
  • SIM card unreadable. Needed a new one. Lost all my contacts.
  • Several of my laptop keys have stopped working, “g” and “h”, notably. It’s amazing how many words need one of these letters, or both.
  • Internet connection is down for days, then up again for a few hours then down again. Helpdesk couldn’t, well, help. It’s working… for the moment.
  • Washing machine has a leak.
  • Light fixture in the bathroom doesn’t work anymore.
  • Dishwasher trapdoor opens too late.

None of the devices mentioned were Apple.

Obviously the root cause for Apple issues will be different fro m those of other manufacturers. Don’t get all PC with me! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Indeed, there’s an entire galaxy of other possible explanations!

galaxy exploration at this point requires robots…

the dishwasher has a trapdoor Les? Hiding from the Germans perhaps or just dreaming (of exploring that galaxy)?

wait! is it a wood burning dishwasher?