Asian babies

Why do all Asian babies have a blue mark at the base of their spine?

Uh, what?


He means the “Mongolian spot”, a small blue-black discoloration at the base of the spine frequently found in Asian infants, around 90%. It also occurs in Hispanic children sometimes, and much more rarely in Caucasian children. It’s caused by the “entrapment of melanocytes in the dermis during their migration into the dermis.” It usually disappears by age four.


Also important to know: they look very much like bruises and have led to many false accusations of child abuse.



Learn something new and bizarre everyday. That’s what I always say.

Okay then, pravvy, what’s the word on stork bites? They’re really common in white babies. My son has one. Why?

Thank you Pravnik. Do you know why this happens to such a large percentage of Asian infants. What causes this to happen particularly in the base of the spine. Who originally named it the “Mongolian Spot” and why?

That’s interesting! I’ll have to remember that if our next child is Asian (as I read that about 25% of all children born are).

My son (14 mos) had stork bites/angel kisses. Little red marks on his eyelid, in his scalp (in the form of three sixes - j/k!), and one right between his eyes. You can’t see them anymore. The Dr. explained them as being tiny blood vessels bunched up. It works itself out in a year or two, except in more extreme cases.

My Korean/Japanese boyfriend is 20 and still has his. It’s about the size of a nickle.

Stork bites… hmm. I had never heard of them before now.

Our 11 year old son was an infant when we adopted him. He came home from the hospital with these blue/purplish marks all over his buttocks, back and privates. I tried washing the marks off as gently as I could - they didn’t budge.

I brought them to the attention of our pediatrician at his 10 day old recheck. The Doc, who we’d used for years and years with our other children, laughed hysterically when I shared my concern, explained my washing efforts and showed them to him (we had that kind of relationship - it was a belly laugh, he was not making fun of me). That’s when this white mama learned all about Mongolian spots on my black son. :smack:

My ex-husband has a stork bite at the base of his neck that never went away. Both of our daughters have them in the exact same spot - I always thought that was a bit uncanny

Heh, reading this thread, I had three reactions. Asian babes? Followed by eh?! Finally, oooooooohhhh.

MrsIteki tells me that the asian (or at least korean) version of being “wet behind the ears” is having a blue ass :slight_smile: as in “Kim? Bah, don’t listen to him, his ass is still blue”