Asian dopers help need asian symbol for...

well. you see, half of the day, I’m in a cube. Have to have some level of decorum. BUt I’m forever pushing the envelope. As a gift last year, SIL gave me an ‘asian water garden’ - miniature - it’s a black plastic cup w/ some stones, you put water in it, and the ‘bubble’ effect comes from a hand held tube that you squeeze. :smiley:

But it needs to be on a plate.

And, I, the ever so mindful of appearances person that I am, thought it would be most appropriate if said plate had some Asian symbols on 'em. Except the only ones I can find are for things like “Peace” , “Love”, “Harmony” etc.

I"m looking for something the general equivalence of “F*** you” , some expletive. Hoping there is such a thing.

This would (in general) not be seen, per se, since the water garden would be sitting on it, (maybe just the edges of it), so it wouldn’t be like I was shouting some rudeness (should some one be able to recognize the symbol), but, it would make me happy, just knowing it was there.

any help??

thanks ever so.
(for those wondering how I"d manage to get it on a plate, I’d copy the symbol onto a piece of greenware at a local shop that allows you to decorate pieces, then they fire 'em up in a kiln. I used the same technique when I made the “Snookie bowls” for gifts several years ago - they all had a caricature of his face at the bottom, saying “Hey, where’s my ice cream?” )

Can’t find “symbols” offhand, but maybe you could put it in code.

I’m partial to "doltaegari " myself. Maybe in Morse code?

"doltaegari " in Morse code is:
-… — .-… - .- . --. .- .-. …

Paging Astroyboy14. Astroboy, please pick up the white curtesy phone…

Nah, not on ceramic plates and the like. Who wants to have them at home? It’s not like a piece of clothing where you can just paint the cussing words on. These pieces actually require skill and equipment.

Yo! Right here!:slight_smile:

I don’t know of any symbols, per se, that Koreans use to say “fuck you”… but I could write it out in Korean for you, if you want Wring. Let me know, and I’ll e-mail it to you…

I tried to find a Chinese symbol for “fuck you,” and this is the best I could find. Interesting…

She’s going to be putting it on a ceramic plate herself. She just needs to know what to put on it. (So in this case, it is like a piece of clothing where you can just paint the cussing words on! :))

That site also says it can’t find an exact match for “I love you,” and instead offers the suggestion of “Inquiries welcome”…

Got it!

Try this site… you can look up “fuck” and then “you” in Chinese, and then put the two together!:smiley:

May I humbly suggest the Japanese phrase “bakayarou”? While the dictionary generally defines it as “foolish person” or “stupid”, when spoken it generally carries the stronger connotation of “dumbass!” or “frickin’ idiot!”

If your browser can handle japanese text, this page should give an example of what it looks like.

Astroboy you’ve done it!!! thank you !!!

Sublight unfortunately, my browser couldn’t do it. IT wanted a CD Rom disc, dammit.

but, I am truely grateful, that I can now go make my little plate and be happy knowing what secret message is there. Sigh.

“Asian symbols,” why has nobody berated this person yet? Diiiiiiuuuu…

Astroboy’s link works. Depends on how upfront you want to be. You can always call someone a stinky egg, turtle egg, silly vegetable and the like without being so crude. Now, if you want crude, the phrase would be fuck your mother’s stinky vagina (which is the sanitized translation). Both the fuck and vagina would be the second character listed.

The correct order would be to look up
fuck - take the second character
you - first character listed
mother - 4th word (count the commas)
of - first character
smelly - only listing
vagina - second word

It doesn’t make much sense word for word in English, but trust me this is the correct phrasing in Chinese. If it’s too long, then either fuck you or smelly vagina are both very common in every Chinese dialect I’ve had experience with.

Um… why?:confused:

You have to ask?!?

That’s not it ;), and I ain’t telling :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Well, depends on where you are. I’ve seen it in print with this character. It is written differently in different places and contexts. Regardless, Chinese will know what it is from context and the pronunciation radical.

This might be easier if you gave us an exact phrase rather than just any ol’ expletive, say for example "Your motehr was a hamster and your fatehr smellt of elderberries. Single words, characters, don’t carry the sense you’re looking for. Soemthing like “Fuck you” would turn out more like, “May you be fucked” or simply “rape.” If that’s the effect you’re looking for, fine, a bit tasteless and tacky, but hey, to each his own.

Um… yes, actually! I think I’ve been whooshed.

Did I miss something?:confused:

I believe Space Vampire is referring to the fact that the OP uses the term “Asian symbols” as if all Asian countries used the same writing system, and no one has raised the issue of racism. There are currently several threads active concerning Ambercrombie & Fitch’s line of “Asian stereotype” t-shirts; one point that has been raised in at least one of them is that lumping all Asians into a single group is insulting. (I don’t have time to search through them now, but IIRC there were references to things like an episode of Batman where the Caped Crusader, looking for an evil Japanese villain, goes to a Chinese laundry.)

Personally, while I agree with the sentiment that “lumping all Asians into a single ethnic mass” is racist stereotyping, in this case wring can be held blameless. It is clear from the context of his post that his use of the term “Asian symbols” was not racist.

I for one would be upset if this thread was hijacked by any PC discussions. After all, it’s not as if he called anyone “fat”.:smiley:

I typed in ‘attempt sexual intercourse with yourself’, and only one symbol came back. It was ‘extasy’ And that was only for the attempt…