Asian folks on the SDMB

Of course I would never deny that I have an affinity for Asian men, so after seeing the Straight Dope People Pages, I noticed we do have a few Asian lads n’ lasses here on the boards.

So, let’s hear it - who here is of Asian descent? What country? What’s your history? Color me curious. :wink:

I’ll tell y’all about Dr. Boyfriend when I get a minute.


Esprix, your URL link is incorrect. It points to a nonexistent page. The correct URL is

Unfortunately as of this morning it seems ALL the people pages are down.

Yoo hoo! Techchick!!

Now Esprix, you should no better than leaving a wide open question like this. Are you including Asia Minor, quite a few of our Jewish collegues might be tempted to chime in.
Are you including South Asia, in which case I have to mark myself as someone of Parsi Heritage.
Or do you just mean East Asian?

Gee, I guess I get to give the first real response.

As I have noted before, Mrs. Kunilou is Asain-American. However, she’s more of a TM in-law, since she normally leaves the posting to me.

I have a soft spot for Asian woman myself…
Oops, I think I can feel it turning hard now…

I’m half Japanese (on my mother’s side). My father is Jewish. I don’t think I look Japanese.

Really Michi?

You definitely look hapa, but I had no problem telling you were Japanese (though maybe “michi” biased me into already thinking that).

I know one person here who is Asian, but I’ll let her come out of the closet on her own (though her picture is there for everybody to see).

Woo hoo! Yeah Asians!

I be Asian… my Dad’s from Hong Kong and my Mom’s from Taiwan, so I have both the Mandarin and Cantonese thing going. I love my culture, but I have to admit I’m whitewashed (I can’t help it… I grew up by the beach). I can’t speak much beyond a few words, but I do know the places to get real Chinese food in Southern Cali.

And since this thread is going to bring out all the Asians, I’d like to ask a quick question. Do you get annoyed when people try to guess your ethnicity? And does that nnoyance depend on the ethnicity of the person asking (whether the person is White or Asian or whatever). I personally don’t care if people ask me if I’m Chinese or Japanese or Filipino or whatever, but some of my friends do.

I get asked all the time what my genetic make up is, and no, it doesn’t bother me. It does surprise me though, because like isaid, I don’t think I look particularly “ethnic”.

And Michi is just short for Michelle, my middle name.

Really Michi? I thought you looked Japanese. =) But that’s just me.


Although I am half Asian I never met my parents and have no real idea about what I am and I do not care either since I am British only.

Most think I’m Greek or Italian but when people speculate it is uncomfortable to me.

To a white person I guess the only way you can understand the feeling was if a group of people were to discuss you, in your presence, and then say something like “Oh you have done well for a straight guy”

Some think it is a compliment like I grew into a better culture and I achieved something by being ‘integrated’.

Some idiots seem to think that I might find it easier to learn Asian languages, huh?

I’m sure that most people have their own burden to carry so why get upset.

Hey Casdave,

I can see where you’re coming from, that is inconsiderate for people to do that. I guess it’s a littl edifferent for me, since both my parents are Chinese and there isn’t much to discuss. However, I did get some pretty nappy hair and dark skin from my Dad, so when people start bugging me I just tell them I’m half black. =) I made up a whole spiel and it’s hilarious having people believe you.

And yeah, regarding Asians who can “integrate…” Although it’s kind of rude for them to say things like that, I can understand where they come from. A lot of my Asian friends have major hang ups about hanging out and socializing with whites. Of course, that’s just generalizing. So do you feel more comfortable with Asians, or people of mixed heritage, or just people who don’t bring race to the forefront of conversations? =) Just kind of wondering.

I’m a little confused as to your last comment though… “I’m sure that most people have their own burden to carry so why get upset” Do you mean you just let their comments slide?

I had a really lively relationship with an Indian New Yorker for a year or so but I wasn’t into the commitment thing at the time. Strange thing is: She’s now my sister-in-law. Long story and it feels a little odd. Not invited to the wedding……all that weird nonsense.

Hell of a great person, though. Can understand Esprit’s interest and I’m loking forward to seeing the beautiful kids they have – I hope I see.

Casdave – Folk are pretty blunt about everything in your neck of the woods at the best of times. By eck, they are. Is the flour mill still open ?


Bloody hell!!
How the f**k did you know that we have the largest(by weight) flour mill in the country literally, what ,five or ten minutes walk from my house?(Allinsons)

And yeah I let things slide as long as it is not deliberately malicious I grew up fighting in yards and alleys and there was never a shortage of reasons to do so in the racist 60’s and 70’s.
These days most people have some sense multi-ehtnic identity but its usually the older ones who have problems and you can’t go round offering to knock 50-60 year old about for their views.

Eee bah gum, they still haven’t worked out what to make of that gay thing yet round 'ere.

Quote from a mate"Well as long as they dunt bother me ah dunt care but as soon as one of 'em tries owt on me …"
My reply “And what the f**k makes you think you’d be so attractive to a man anyway!”

Well, I’m the original whiteboy; but my girlfriend is Korean. She has learned English well enough so that we have no problems communicating; although I know she feels constrained by language quite a bit. Not so much with me, but with American society in general.

She is very, very pretty. :slight_smile:

I would not take offense at such comments. They are more product of ignorance than malice. I am always amused by the questions I get in China. They are much more ignorant about westerners and believe in stereotypes much more than we do.

Just today I was chatting online with a Chinese girl and she asked me “Is it true that to you all Chinese people look the same and you cannot tell them apart?” (Answer: "No, I can appreciate how especially beautiful you are, much more than the average Chinese woman.)

Then she asked me if it was true that western men are more “powerful” sexually speaking. My answer: Yes, western men can go on forever in their endeavor to please their woman which is the only thing on their mind.

I do not take offense at such questions. I am amused though.

I am half Chinese and my father is from Hong Kong. Unfortunately, I can’t speak a lick of cantonese! Most people can tell I am mixed, but usually don’t guess correctly.

Well, on my dad’s side I have Apache and Zuni. So if I go back about 35,000 years I have some Asian in me. Or is that stretching the Asian connection too thin? :slight_smile:

{b]Casdave** - After leaving school i worked for a while at a stoneground flour mill in my home town down in Sussex. There was ‘restructuring’ and our mill - ‘Prewitt’s Mill’ - 'closed. Some of the machinery was sent to the main mill - up ta dowd from you. Ehhh, them were the days.

Michi, have you ever visited Hawaii? You look like half the women there. You look very VERY half-Asian, and that was my first impression. (actually my first impression was that you were about fourth-generation Japanese-American, pure Asian).