Asian folks on the SDMB

Okay Sailor… hand over your prescription of Viagra.

Mostly Filipino with Hawaiian and Spanish also in the mix. No I don’t mind the inevitable ethnicity questions. My kids will have it tougher to answer since my wife is full-blooded Irish.

And, no I don’t speak any Asian languages since I grew up in Texas. My French is fairly passable.

I’m all Asian…half Chinese, half Japanese. Mom was born in China but raised in the US (Phoenix AZ), Dad was born in LA and grew up all over California (mostly northern).

I speak some Japanese, but not nearly as much as my grandmother thinks I do…when she speaks to me in Japanese, I answer her in English, and her expression usually tells me whether or not I understood her.

I think like most Asians of my generation and age, at times I’ve denied my culture and at other times I’ve embraced it. I guess it’s all about finding my own identity. It’s important to me that my kids, who are half white, learn about their Asian heritage.

Color me yellow.

i have never been to HI, but my father and my brother live there. I’ll ask my dad to take some pics of the women so I can see what they look like. (I hope they don’t think he is some sort of perv!) :slight_smile:

I was raised by my father’s half of the family, so I really identify with being caucasian more than anything else.

I thought Michi looked partly Asian and partly Hispanic in the picture she took with Sanibelman. She looks “more Asian” in the people pages picture. (I’d say it’s pretty obvious she’s not 100% Asian).

I’m half Japanese, half Chinese, all ugly (which is why you won’t see a picture).

I used to tell people my descent, and there’d be this awkward pause before they’d ask “I thought Chinese and Japanese didn’t get along”. Thanks to political correctness, I don’t get asked that any more. (Not that I minded in the least, it used to be funny watching people summon up the courage to ask me. After awhile, I’d just volunteer the infrormation: “No, they don’t get along. That’s why I’m so screwed up”)

As for languages, I’m proud to be able to claim that I know a few words in Spanish and French (took two years of each).

I used to not be attracted to Asian females at all. I’m still largely not.

Except for Michi…

And AudreyK…

And Tatertot…

Oh, man…I’m glad I’m not the only one who had to endure this stupid question! I used to say, “Well, they seemed to get along for just a little while…”

Actually, tho, in my family, both sides were opposed to my parents getting married, except for one of my uncles (husband of one of my mom’s seven sisters). Uncle Louie basically told Mom and Dad, “Screw 'em…if you wanna get married, good for you.”

You really wanna see people squirm? Once I told one particular ignoramus who asked me that question, “Well ya see, my dad took Japan’s invasion of China to a more personal level…” Crude, yeah…but it was the last stupid question he ever asked of me.

As far as the cultural thing goes, I mentioned this in a long ago previous thread. I was in Sea-Tac Airport enroute to rejoin my unit in Korea after mid-tour leave. Since it was a civilian flight stopping in Japan, I wasn’t required to wear my Air Force dress blues.

An elderly white lady sat next to me and started a conversation about how wonderful it would be to travel in Asia. Apparently she had quite a few stops on her list from Tokyo to Hong Kong. I had said nothing during her initial talk, being in a more laid back listening mood and regretting that I didn’t have a book or walkman at that time. :rolleyes:

At this point, she turned to me and said, in slow, deliberate English so I could understand easier,
“Won’t it be nice for you to be going back home again?”

Being raised in the South, I couldn’t pass this one by, so in a very Texan accent I said, “This here plane ain’t goin’ to San Antone is it?”

The lady was shocked and embarrassed. I had a good laugh and she was a good sport about it after she recovered from the shock of a Southern drawl coming out of an Asian face. Turns out she was from Boston. That explains it. Damn Yankees. :smiley:

The hell you don’t…you have a Japanese smile…

Michi, I’ve seen your picture, and if you passed me on the street here in Hawaii, I’d think you were a local.

I am Japanese. If ya wanna get technical, I am three-quarters Japanese and one-fourth Okinawan. I don’t really care, myself. I’m third generation, and I don’t speak a lick of the language, although I do know a couple words and phrases. I know French better than Japanese.

Hodiggity, you asked if I mind if people try to guess my ethnicity. I don’t mind at all. I’ve been mistaken for Chinese a LOT, though, by native Chinese people, and I have always found it amusing when they start talking to me in Cantonese. This has happened a lot lately, since I tutor Chinese people in English. I guess being mistaken by a native means I really do pass as Chinese.

It doesn’t matter to me who asks about my ethinicity. Actually, it seldom comes up. I live in Hawaii, where there is every single flavor of Asians possible, so people usually can tell what you are or they guess and assume they are correct and don’t ask.

DRY said:

That’s when you’re supposed to say, “Yeah, you can imagine the scene when I was conceived!”

You’re evil!! :mad:

Fortunately, I like evil! :stuck_out_tongue:

DRY, I certainly try my best. sweet smile

I’m half-Korean, half white American. I grew up on Army Posts where there where a lot of kids like me so I never really thought about it. When I moved back to the States for college, it was in an area where there weren’t a heck of a lot of mixed people like me, so I got the “Where are you from?” question a lot. I don’t mind except when it’s a blunt “What are you?” from a stranger who has no reason to know.

I’ve had a lot of people guess that I’m Hawaiin. That really confused me at first, because I had this mental image in my head of Hawaiins looking Polynesian. I had never been there, and had no idea that there were so many East Asians there, too. Yes, I defy the stereotype of Asians being smart! Anyhoo, I take it as a compliment.

A lot of people have guessed my brother and sister were Samoan. They are very tall and big-boned, so they don’t look Korean. I’ve also had people guess Italian, Portugese and Spainish for me. We all have my father’s (the white guy) features, so it’s hard to pinpoint. Some people have said I was exotic looking. I don’t mean if they mean that as a compliment or wow, you’re funny looking. :slight_smile:

I wish I could post a picture of myself, so ya’ll could tell me what you think. This sounds weird, but I’m really curious as to how my grandchildren and grandniblings will look. My niece is half black, 1/4 Korean, 1/4 white and the most gorgeous creature in existance. My son is 3/4 white and 1/4 Korean and a handsome little devil, though I was shocked at how light he is. All we got to do is hook my brother up with a Latina and we’ll have our very own Rainbow Coalition! It will be interesting to see if the Asian genes will be passed on to the new generation.

Sorry for the digression, speculating on what people’s kids will look like is a hobby of mine. Baglady and obfusciatrist are you planning on having children…? (yes, I know that is a pretty rude question to ask newlyweds, but this is for my research, damnit!)

You have one picture of yourself and your son from the page you created–can you link that somehow?

Hiya. Did you get my e-mail?

Well…I guess I could do that DRY, even if it is a really icky picture of me. I like to think that my complete unphotogenicness (is that a word?) was the only thing preventing me from a career as a supermodel.

Warning, this site can be slow. You’ll need to put “tracy” in as the password.

It’s the very first picture, there are also pictures of my son and neice. Yes, I am a crappy photographer. :slight_smile:
BTW, DRY, thanks for putting me on the spot! You were supposed to assure everybody that I was indeed a sultry and exotic creature…

Oh, and I did get your e-mail, I’ll answer tonight. Right now, I’m supposed to be doing stuff. :wink:

Don’t I say that above?? Check MY FIRST post in this thread. :slight_smile:

Half Filipino Half White here. More specifically about my Filipino side, since that’s what Esprix wants to know about, my Grandparents are Aklanon, and Capiznon (Visayans).

Anyway, dad is actually Filipino. It usually trips people here out because we have a large amount of people who were in the Military, and usually it’s the wives that were Asian (dad and mom met in HS). I would probably be considered white washed because mom raised me and my brothers (well dad was there of course, but she instilled her values and culture. Dad was a bit angry at grandma so he didnt really invest a lot of time teaching my brothers and I about our Filipino side until we were older). However, mom tried to get dad to teach us some stuff about our Filipino side, and I do enjoy going to the Festivals, and also parties that our friends and neighbors have. I know much more about my Filipino heritage than my brothers do, because i’ve taken an active interest in trying to learn about it.

Most of my friends are Asian (in fact, the people I hang out with at school are all Asian, or half). But i really do well around other ethnicities. It’s not like I have problems with hanging out with whites. Hell, if I did that i’d be denying my white side. Growing up, i knew quite a range of different ethnicities (race was not anything anyone thought about in school where i grew up).

In my city, there’s a large amount of Asians. Koreans and Vietnamese are prominent, as well as Filipinos. I think i’d feel more in place in Hawaii than when I did when we went to Kansas (i dont feel comfortable in places where it’s so homogenous)

Most people when they meet me think I’m Mexican. Those of us Filipinos who are mixed tend to look like quite a range of ethnicities. I remember a recent party at my friend’s house where her friends and cousins were there, and we were counting the half-Filipinos. One of her friends looked caucasian, my friend Dave looks towards the Filipino side but not quite, and my friend Ann looks full Filipino.

I’m not offended when people speculate about me. I really find it much more amusing really. I remember one guy in HS trying to convince me I was Mexican because of my last name (Garcia) and because I looked Mexican to him. It at least gives me a chance to educate them about Filipinos (usually when I say i’m half Filipino, other questions come up). I am proud to be half and half. I don’t deny either side (to do that would be to deny either of my parents).

I am half Korean and half Mexican so a lot of people think I’m either Filipino or just a Korean with a slightly darker complexion and double eye lids (that’s that thing where you have a line running through your eye lid).

My dad is from South Korea. Moved to the states in the early 70’s. My mom is from Mexico and came up during the mid 70’s. Both came to work in So. Cal. One day they run into each other and nine months later I came to be.

Most people are surprised that I speak spanish. I’ve kinda gotten used to it although this usually prompts a brief history of my lineage. However, I cannot really speak Korean. Oddly enough, I took a couple Korean classes when I was in high school and I learned the alphabet and very simple spelling.

I knew tatertot was a cutie! Thanks for the link to confirm it.

And I still can’t believe Michelle has problems attracting a good fella.

(I’d better sign off before my predilection for Asian women gets me in trouble)

Indian - That counts - don’t it?
From Punjab specifically.