Ask a guy currently on an airplane!

Thanks! (btw I see your kid’s frisbee on your roof)

Well holy shit. I expected the trip up to take a couple minutes and the trip down to do the same. I hang my head in shame at my lack of knowledge of and trust in technology.

Let us know if both pilots had the fish and I’ll get on Microsoft flight sim and guide you down.

Roger, Rover.

What happens to this thread when you are no longer on an airplane? Or do you intend to maintain this state of being indefinitely?

If the airplane had been standing on a treadmill going in the opposite direction of the plane , would it have taken off?

Was Sully there?

When are you going to come down? When are you going to land? Should you have stayed on the farm? Should you have listened to your old man?

I’m SICK of reading these [mister falcon] threads on this [mister falcon] plane!

It obviously already did.

What I want to know is if you come in for a landing on a treadmill going in the opposite direction at the exact same speed as your landing speed, does the plane just stop dead?

Any interesting articles in the in flight magazine? What kind of peanuts did you get? Have you checked that you have a life jacket under your seat?

Do you believe that you were born a guy currently on an airplane, or was becoming a guy currently on an airplane the result of conscious decisions on your part?

Holy shit. It’s been over 24 hours. Do you think he’s still up there?

“Don’t I look like a guy with an expense account to abuse?”

You work on Wall St, don’t you? :slight_smile:

I dunno. I like my flights to stop eventually.

Did you recline your seat all the way back into the person behind you?

Salute guy on airplane! I myself am on a boat. Doin’ flips and shit…

I think it’ll take a couple of vodka-and-tonics to get him back on his feet again. :wink:

Okay all… I’m on the return flight back to JFK. Q & A is open again for about the next 3 hours…

Is the guy sitting next to you have an ass so large that you have no room to be comfortable? Or does he just smell like hobo beard?

Who are you flying that has onboard internet connections? And please answer my previous question (although Spoons took an admirable swipe at it).

Have they started charging $ to go to the potty yet?