Ask a guy currently on an airplane!

Yes folks, I have Wi-Fi on the plane! I’m flying from JFK -> Las Vegas right now and using the handy in-flight Wi-Fi provided by Virgin Atlantic!

So, ask away. What sorts of wonderful arcana about the experience can I relate to you?

Limited time only - we land in a couple hours!

Is the stewardess hot?

Is this a non-stop flight? What’s the view look like out the window? Are there any gremlins on the wing of the plane?

Did you ever think about how, really, it’s kind of impossible for something that heavy to fly?

He seems comfortable, but if that changes I’m sure a cool drink will help.

It is planned for a nonstop flight, let’s hope it stays that way!

View out the window = looks exactly like the most wonderful, peaceful valley covered in wildflowers, with dancing unicorns and a riotous fireworks display would look, if you had your eyes closed. In other words, it’s NIGHT TIME here.

So far no Gremlins. Just one Doper here in seat 6F eating a fairly lousy roast beef sandwich.

Nah, I just ask myself WWDBD*?

  • What Would Daniel Bernoulli Do?

No,no, no don’t do that. Because then you’ll experience the “Wile Coyote Effect”
Wile never starts to fall until he looks down and realizes he’s standing outside the precipice.

It’s not that it flies, it’s just really bad at falling.

Falling is nothing, it is the stop at the bottom that is bad.

Yeahhhhhh… I was going to title this thread, “Wander off in a series of cartoon-inspired stream of conscious hijackings while some jackass on a plane hits refresh all the time, hoping against hope to see something approaching a vague glimmer of intelligence from behind the cold, dull eyes of the SDMB, but, no, he never does. And that, friends, is the great tragedy of it all.”

…but that was too long to fit in the title box. Ahh well. Carry on.

Four hours really isn’t enough time to dazzle you with my brilliance.
(It* is* cool that you’re posting from a plane.)

Well, I do like cookies…

Isn’t technology wonderful? I had a similar experience the first time I used a public WiFi.

It totally RAWKS to be connected all the time.

(There, I lowered the intelligence bar just one more rung, Mr. ignorant!) :smiley:

How much did you pay for this privilege of reading my post?

Truly imaginary cookies, eh?

It costs $12.95.

But since I charged it to the business, I paid zero.

It’s 10:49 central time right this second. What time is it when you read this?


But I haven’t changed my clock on my computer yet. I suppose I’m somewhere over Central Time Zone…

Waves from MN!!!