"Ask a real live pimp a question"

Ask a real live pimp a question


Is it easy?

Ever have to choke a bitch?

He posted in the necro’d pimps & hooker thread and I suggested he started a new thread…I hope he is legit (well, so to speak…I guess it’s not exactly legit anywhere but NV) because I think this could be pretty damn interesting.



Wrong forum though. It is not GQ.

Do you do it for the sex, or is it strictly business?

True. I imagine this will get moved shortly.

How do you advertise your services? Is this more high-end escort services, street pickups or something in between? (Descriptive answers are preferred.)

Does your school let you leave the building for lunch period?

business 1ST

No. Us special ed kids are not allowed to leave.

You say you graduated from Syracuse, what type of degree did you graduate with, and what was it in? Did it have any usefulness in your life as a leech-I mean Pimp?

All online ads


Yes what I went for believe it or not did help I went for advertising and photography

I didn’t ask what you went for, I asked what type of degree you graduated with and what the degree was in. Your answer sounds like the typical stripper answer of “I’m going to college for medicine”. :dubious:

How did you get started?

What are the legal risks you face?

How would you describe the level of job satisfaction of the people who work for you (e.g. good way of making a living; only do it because there is nothing else available; need to support habits; etc.)?


How do you recruit your girls?

Do you deal in just women, or men as well? (You did say business first, and there is a market for male whores, so I’m trying not to make assumptions.)

What percent or cut of what the girls earn do you take?

What services, if any, do you provide? Advertising? Protection? Transportation? Anything?

Are any/most of your girls on drugs? Do you or don’t you care?

Is it mostly running a website/connecting girls with customers so that you almost never see the women, or are you more hands on?