Ask the ___ thread idea

Lotta dopers rolling their eyes (there’s a PICTURE you can use here) about these threads.
I propose a running thread, wherein anyone who thinks they have a thread-worthy “ask the,” can post it, kinda run it up the flagpole, if you get my meaning.
I mentioned, in some anti-PETA thread, that I used to have a chicken farm, if anyone cared to just ASK ME about it. No one did. Now, I won’t say I wasn’t hurt (I was - a lot), but precious bandwidth was saved for 'N Sync chatter and vegetarian recipes.

Ask the virologist?

While some people may be interested I’ve got the feeling I’ll send a few dopers back into therapy. Virologists are cynical, fatalistic people. Blasts at parties however.

Ask the person who eats combos for breakfast?

Ask the entrepreneur?

CRorex, I’d definitely read a thread about that!

seal_clubber, don’t feel badly about no one wanting to ask you about your chicken farm - most of us just probably don’t want to know what goes on there.

And with a name like seal_clubber, I’m scared of you and I definitely don’t want to know what you did to your chickens if you would club a seal. :eek

I’m glad you asked, Xanax!
Long. long ago, before there werer toasters and call waiting, God gave us dominion over the lesser creatures.
Later, it occured to someone to see what He had put inside his smaller , ambulatory creations.
Expecting a mushy, cucmuber-like mass, Cro-Magnon man was pleased to find firm, moist, tender flesh…
So later I got a mortgage and a hat to wear. On the farm.

Ask the caver?

I think it’s interesting to talk about caving, but I find that non-cavers usually just have two questions, so it goes like this:
“Um… I guess… uh… because it’s there!”
“Don’t you get claustrophobic?”

Not much else to say to those two, really.

Ask the diplomat’s son?

Having travelled pretty much everywhere and lived in Africa as well as Europe, some people might want to ask me stuff, but I guess it’s already been done in the recent expat threads.

And CRorex, watching you send people back into therapy would be a hoot, though off the top of my head I can’t think of anything to ask a virologist.

Sorry, I just stopped by to see what we were asking the underline about.


Ask the Three-Eyed Man