"Ask the..." threads you won't be seeing on the Dope any time soon


**Ask the new member of the Westboro Baptist Church

Ask the necrophile

Ask the troll before he gets banned

Ask the guy who was wrongly aquitted of murder

Ask the hacker behind the recent site problems

Ask the sock puppet

Ask the guy who thinks ignorance is bliss

Ask the Al Qaeda freedom fighter

Ask the serial killer**

Ask the Organizer of a Panhandlers’ Union-Part 2

Ask The University-Educated Birther/Deather/Teabagger

Ask The Guy Who Stole Your Lunch

Ask The Crack Whore

Axe Tha Pimp!

Ask the Person Who Won’t Respond

Ask the pedophile
Ask the terrorist
Ask the cannibal

**Ask the person who proofreads everything 100 times for grammar and spelling nitpicks

Ask me why I’m going to involve the SDMB in legal action**

Ask the corpse.

Ask the German shepherd.

Bummer. I had a question.

Different board.

Ask the Lawyer for Legal Advice You Can Use in Court

Ask the Grapist

I would love to!

Ask the Person in Witness Protection
Ask Your Stalker
Ask the Guy Who Repeats Everything You Just Said, Prefaced With "No, Your Mom…"

Ask the FBI agent leading his first raid next Sunday!

Ask the person who thinks it’s none of their business what anyone else eats or doesn’t eat.

Ask the Liberal Intellectual

You just DON’T see that a lot 'round here.

Actually, I should start a thread like that. I don’t always do it… but I’m so bad at it! It still comes out bad most the time.

** Ask the Protestant Pope.

Ask the Bear shitting outside the woods.**