Ask the about-to-be-married chick or ACK only a few hours left of my singlehood

Tht’a right fellow campers, as of three o’clock CST today I will be walking down the aisle!!!

Nothing to ask really, just wanted to share!

Congratulations, Poysyn!!!

I know you’ll be very happy.


Awwwww, congrats!

Come back and tell us aaaaaaallllll about the wedding night. Heh. :smiley:

Best wishes, Poysyn. Have you given your last blow job yet?

[sub]Somebody look and see if she’s smiling. God, I hope she’s smiling.[/sub]

Wow, first Anniz ties the knot, and now you’re doing the same. I’m glad I got at least one of my crushes to marry me. :slight_smile:

Seriously, mazel tov and good luck! Post pictures!

[sub]And Rysdad, hopefully he’s smiling.[/sub]

Hey everyone!! Take my word for it…she is smiling!!:smiley:

You sure you want to go through with this?

Aw, Poysyn. You’re one of my favorites.

Since I can’t have you, all I can do is wish you the very very best in life, and hope that your marriage starts out strong, and only gets stronger over time.

My very best wishes to you both!

Poysyn -
I hope your day is wonderful! Congrats!

And yeah, don’t forget the pics!

‘Grats dear! Keep smilin’.

Wow, once again real life visits the board.

Congrats, Poysyn! :slight_smile:

Hope you have a wonderful day.
Many congratulations from me.:slight_smile:

48 minutes to go!

Congrats, Poysyn.

Where’s the honeymoon?


Just to keep you all up to speed; she did say “I do” and did not even shake or appear nervous at all. I think the mother of the bride was shaking more than the bride. But on to the fun portion…eats, drinks, and dancing. :smiley:

Hey gang,

No honeymoon yet, just an overnight stay in a hotel. I’m back now! Thanks for all of your well-wishes. I’ll post pics as soon as I get some.


Mazel tov, Poysyn! I hope you have a lifetime filled with love and happiness.

Just out of nosey curiosity… did you take his name or keep your own?

I really appreciate your consideration in avoiding stepping on my penis - Spiny Norman
Jeg elsker dig, Thomas

pics from the overnight stay in the hotel? COOL!!! :smiley: