Ask the artist

Since I like cashing in on popular trends, AND since I wanna be one of Tymp’s experts, here’s a place where you can ask someone proficient in numerous artistic fields. Drawing, painting, writing, poetry, acting… if there’s something you want to know, please, ask and ye shall receive.

Wanna know nice techniques of shading? Figure out how to mix paint colors? Find a nice rythm for prose? How to relax for a stage performance? Send all your questions this way!

Ok Artist, do you consider Purple Rain to be your greatest accomplishment? :smiley:

How many brushes do you have made out of male squirell fur “harvested” only in the winter?:slight_smile:

No. :smiley:

None. I hate squirrels. I prefer to make my own brushes out of my own pubic hair. :slight_smile: No, seriously… my paint supplies have fallen off in the past year, but I used to keep a good collection of four yak-hair brushes, one which was really big, then slightly smaller, etc. The smallest one had only a few bristles in it (for painting hair, eyes, teensy-weensy details, etc.)

Oops, that should say “six yak-hair brushes”. I have no idea why I put “four”… maybe I shouldn’t post while watching TV anymore.

Artist, when I was younger and doing the art thing (music in my case), I found that potatoes were wonderful, as they kept you alive and were the cheapest food I could find, key when bread is non-existent. Those cases of frozen burritos were good too, 24 cents apiece as I recall.

What survival tips do you have, Artist, for today’s starving artist?

My suggestions for starving artists: Get a job.

But I realize how unrealistic that is, so I offer this further suggestion: Create a portrait of some famous and respected person (Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Tom Cruise) out of feces. You can find feces in ample supply at your local dog park, or if you’re desperate enough, use your own!

Anyway, foodwise… if you’re desperate enough, take advantage of McDonald’s 29 cent hamburger/39 cent cheeseburger days. On all the other days, some Burger King’s have begun offering 39 cent hamburger/49 cent cheeseburgers every day. For two bucks a day, you can eat your fill. And remember… water’s free!

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