Ask the bandwagon-hopping #3 chick

Aren’t these “ask the…” threads annoying? Yet I couldn’t help myself. So ask me anything.

answers may or may not represent the opinions of OpalCat, and may or may not be accurate. No guarantee is stated or implied. Void where prohibited. May cause abdominal pains and/or anal leakage.

Will I ever find true love?

Now what? Do I shake you and turn you upside down?

True love will find you. Sounds cliché but it’s usually true. It will probably happen eventually.

I’m probably still too heavy for that. Try again in a few months.

Lists of only two things:

-the moons of Mars
-digits in the binary system

Ha…betcha thought I was gonna make a big long list, didn’t you? Didn’t you?

don’t hurt me please! :smiley:

How do you feel about mentions of the name Opal in works of art and music, such as the comic strip “Pickles” or Frank Zappa’s “Lonesome Cowboy Bert” ?

Why do you choose to open this thread here instead of at Fathom?
And I’m not trying to be sarcastic or anything else. This pops into my head everytime I see a thread started by you here, and I’m curious.

Eat dung, donkeyoatey.

Anyway, BH#3C, Does Hamburger Helper really help you when you need a helping hand? I’m trying in vain to swap out this motherboard, and that f#@king box is just sitting there like a paperweight…

It infuriates me. I go into a near murderous rage.

Because the “Ask the…” threads are here, not there.

I do sometimes open identical threads on both boards, but some threads I put here, some there. Just how I feel at the time.

It doesn’t at all. It’s such a huge media lie! In fact, I think a class-action lawsuit has been started.

What’s your problem?

I suspect he was teasing you for only having a 2 item list.

Ok, BH#3C,

I have a good friend, who has longed for a girl for many years. She’s coming to visit me soon for a show here in town. Coincidentally, he has just invited me to a party on the same night. The next day she is going to a party where another girl will be. The other girl just visited me last month.

Chances are good everyone will know where everyone else (was) next weekend…

is there any way of saving face here?

When you say she is “coming to visit” do you mean in a romantic/sexual way?

We seem to be able to be intimate, or not. Perhaps, I cannot read women’s minds.

So which are you worried about? That your friend will be hurt because you brought a girl he likes to the party? Or that the two girls will have a problem with having visited so close together?

Or is it something else entirely?

First I’ll say we’ve all been friends a long time, second that gal #1 and I aren’t going to the party, but to a show and that she’s driving a long way…I’d have to decline the invitation to the party (and Tyson’s BTW-LOL) Also that all of us live in different cities. I don’t think Gal #2 will be happy either.

The tangled web…
The girl I Really like is in Seattle…

I’d say that if you don’t act like anything is strange, then no one else will think it is strange. Face saved.

You are right, thanks.

Uh…where does one leave the offering? Do I have to burn some candles now? Sacrifice anything??? How about the cat?..he can be a pain.

Be nice to the cat. Send chocolate hedgehogs.