Opal, what the fuck is your problem?

In this thread, you asked about a recipes for some kind of peanut butter ball. Devilsknew politely and cheerfully provided you with a link to a recipe and told you they were called “buckeyes.” For no good reason, you decided to get pissy about being a vegetarian (congratulations. So was Hitler), apparently completely oblivious to the fact that a fucking buckeye is a fucking tree nut. Attempts to correct you only made you more pissy, as if you were somehow being personally insulted.

What the fuck? Seriously, what the fuck? Are you on fucking drugs or something? You really think it’s necessary to go on and on about offended you are by the mention of a nut that’s named after its resemblance to animal part? Are you really that fucking self absorbed or do you just have a chemical imbalance?

Fuck you and fuck your sanctimonious vegetarianism. It doesn’t make you special that your’re offended by the mention of an animal part, especially in such an innocuous context as it came up in this thread. Do you have a hissy fit if someone offers you a bear claw? Jesus Christ, get over yourself.

Dog intestines! Moose brains! Goat cock!

I don’t really have any dog in this fight, but I’d rather eat things called Buckeyes than “Balls”; but I can see how others may not feel the same way. It’s just an irrational thing, and I can see where Opal is coming from. Though the first thing I thought of when I heard Peanut Butter Balls was the SNL sketch.

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure either one or both of these is correct.

I thought everyone in that thread (well, with the exception of yours truly) was a little itchy-fingered.

Who gives a fuck where she’s coming from? She asked a question, she got a polite answer. There was no reason for her to get pissy about it. She can keep her personal hangups to herself.

Monkey spleen.

Yeah, same here. When I saw what those things (okay, buckeyes) looked like and I realized what buckeye meant, I felt a little ooged out, but no biggie…

Dang. Whatever would make anyone think that a buckeye peanut butter confection could be confused with a dead (why dead exactly) buck’s eye. Live bucks don’t have eyes? Did you even bother reading the link **devilsknew **posted on the Ohio Buckeye tree? Where did it mention dead deer?

Incidentally, were you aware thisis also called a buckeye? Ewww, gross? Seriously?

Shouldn’t this be:

  1. Dog intestines
  2. Moose Brains
  3. Hi Opal!
  4. Goat cock


I usually don’t opine in these Pittings, but that was really weird.

Was it a whoosh?

… wait, she lives in OHIO and has never heard of buckeyes? Seriously? It’s the fucking state tree! She’s bitching because the name involves an animal part? WTF? Doesn’t that cut mentioning at least a quarter of all plants? And everything else for that matter?

(and we made buckeyes yesterday. I can’t blame anyone for wanting them. mmmmm…)

Isn’t this typically her MO? I’ve seen a dozen posts by her where she is asking for something only to shit all over every single response with reasons far and wide why the suggestions won’t work.

I am awaiting the day she makes a post and asks people where she can obtain a unicorn. Only then will she be able to unleash some of her righteous indignation when someone DARES to tell her to go to a magic forest when she’s CLEARLY against raping the forests of the earth in such a way.

She really just said she didn’t like the term buckeye. Even if it means the shine on Buddha’s beautiful bald head she’s still allowed to be grossed out by it. A lot of things that don’t bother most people in the slightest way gross me out. Like popsicle sticks.

Your name also causes me great offence. You see I abstain from anal sex, and I … oh, no, this isn’t going to work. :wink:

Personally, I thought

started the whole trainwreck. So she doesn’t want to call Toffee flavoured Banana pie Banoffee. Big hairy deal. The snark was completely uncalled for, and when pursued in the subsequent replies to a food recipe thread, rude.

How DARE you contradict any statement or opinion expressed by Opal, Queen of the SDMB.

Absolutely right. I can’t believe I didn’t think to do this myself.

From henceforth I declare that Lady Fingers should be renamed Cookie Biscuit Thingys, so no one confuses me with a cannibal. And make sure you check food labels to insure that your Freedom Fries were made in America.

This is indeed her MO. As far as I’m concerned, asking for advice here and shooting down everyone who offers it is the fast track to no one responding when you ask for advice any longer. Sort of a modified DNFTT.

No-eye deer.

No, this was a justified reaction to Opal’s gratuitously pissy response to getting a perfectly polite and accurate answer to her question. Her personal opinion of the name of the confection was neither solicited, nor informed, nor particularly rational.