Opal, what the fuck is your problem?

The thread linked in the OP was just… strange to read. Opal’s reaction to the name was a bit strange, but was that so far from the norm that it warrented derailing the thread then dragging the conversation into the Pit? And with such a vicious OP, too.

There are probably a lot of food names that are unappealing to all of us. I hope when mine comes up I don’t get ridiculed for ignorance, psychological problems and drug issues.

I don’t think it was far from the norm at all, and she was the one who derailed her own thread.

It wasn’t pissy, it was smalltalk of the kind we’ve always engaged in on these boards. It’s topic drift. It’s completely normal. devilsknew was the one who got pissy.

As Sleeps With Butterflies pointed out upthread, it seems to be BAU for Opal. I agreed that it was pretty damn weird–derail your own thread, act pissy, then ask for it to be closed?

Oh yeah, now that you mention it. I posted in a thread where she was asking for something–see-through plastic bags, I think. Several people posted things which she barely acknowledged or maybe briefly acknowledged, but when I mentioned something she wouldn’t consider, she seemed to make it a point to say why my suggestion wasn’t what she wanted.

I’m glad you mentioned this because I remember feeling like I wasted my time posting. At least she didn’t go off on me. I guess I should be grateful. :stuck_out_tongue:

This cannot pass unmentioned. Bravo!

Hello, people! The point is up here!

Buckeyes are what they are called, although they are not quite what **Opal **was describing. Regardless, it’s the appropriate name for that type of candy considering the fact that they are SUPPOSED TO RESEMBLE THE TREE NUT OF THE SAME NAME. The name is not arbitrary.

I am offended that you are offended by my name which has nothing to do with anal sex and I’m offended that you would think so. :smiley:

Monkey spleens?!? Those are great! We got a tin of those last Christmas from my sister, who likes to give home-made treats instead of store-bought things, and they were out of this world!

Her secret is that she gets her husband to visit the local pick-your-own peaches orchard like on the very last weekend of the season, when the fruit is so ripe it actually leaks juice when you put your hand on it.

Is a recipe thread the appropriate venue to bang on for dozens of posts about it, though? If you want to call it okra in a gumbo thread, fine. There’s absolutely no need to go “They’re called lady’s fingers, mmmmkaaaaaaaaaay? sniff
Whatever. OMG, someone’s WRONG on the Internet!

But are Girl Scout cookies made with real Girl Scouts?

Awk! I’m going to be sick when I stop laughing!

Opal is the one who decided to get all pissy about what to call them. There was no thank you in her response to Devilsknew’s answer. No acknowledgement that her question had been answered. Just “EWWW I will never call it THAT.”

Who gives a FUCK, Opal? Just say thank you and move on. At least say thank you and THEN give your dumbass, uninformed opinion about what the recipe is called.

Opal’s response did seem to be very patronizing. As much as I hate smilies; I think they do come in handy from time to time.

Prehaps one of these :wink: at the end of her 2nd post could have helped the derailment.

I think this may be a case where two people just got their wires crossed. Strange indeed but I can’t hold anybody in contempt for this.
This disregarding comments that Opal has a history of doing this. I’ve been reading her posts for years and have no memory of her doing so.

Is this the first recipe thread that ever lead to a pitting? F bombs to all you bitches who use tomato sauce rather than tomato paste and 4 ounces of water. While you’re at it, all those a-holes who use cornmeal instead of flour or who use the optional 1 or 2 tablespoons of whole milk to make their recipes more creamy can line up and suck my @#$@.

Personally, I think post 6 should have been:

Yeah, right.

Personally, I kinda like devilsknew’s post #21

I find myself hoping Opal does, too. She’s a good lady. I think she will.

Well, you would think it goes without saying that ladyfingers are not actually some dead lady’s fingers, but then again, hey maybe it doesn’t.


What really gets me is post #7:

If you’d bothered to click on the link provided in post #2, you stupid bint, you would have gotten your fucking recipe.

On that, at least, we can agree.

mhendo - vegetarian who isn’t so retarded as to be offended by a sweet treat named after a nut.

And what about corn? It grows high as an elephant’s eye, don’cha know?

Eww. I hate corn. Who the fuck wants to eat anything named after the growths on people’s skeevy old feet? Fucking disgusting.