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“Is this a challenge?” asked Fenris another other comic book guy* who has some small knowledge of comics obscurities.


Kidding: This is a good idea for a thread, and welcome, BrightEyes! You’re in good company here: Hastur knows so much about Wonder Woman that DC goes to him when they have a question, Chaim wrote the Legion Help File and a bunch of other Dopers are comics fans too. Welcome to the boards! :slight_smile:

And as long as you’ve started this thread, I’ve always wondered how Marvel reconcilled the “There are no clones, they’re all people suffering from a genetic virus that turns them into someone else” from the Evolutionary Wars storyline with the whole abysmal Clone Saga thing. I mean, the High Evolutionary (who should know) point blank said that the Gwen-Clone and the Jackel clones weren’t actually clones and there was a pretty long storyline about people getting infected with the Jackel virus and turning into another Jackel. Did they ever address that?

And how’d the Spider-Clone survive getting thrown into a lit blast-furnace after dying in Amazing Spider-Man #151?


*every time I see “Comics guy” I want to respond “Worst. Thread title. Ever.” :smiley:

What is the authoritative guide to comic book values, and how accurate can I expect those prices to be? I’d like to look into selling my collection if the price is right. I have issues dating back to '65.

Not those kind of issues.

ok, maybe some of those kind.

I can’t remember if marvel did ever finish off that story thread…
I also don’t believe marvel cleared up that issue.

The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide is a good place to look for price ranges of issues. i also reccomend asking dealers and comparing their offering prices to the overstreet so you don’t get ripped off…
You’ll probably make a tidy sum on some of those '65 ones.

Why does Veronica’s clothes look like the same quality as Betty’s? Veronica is rich, but her clothes are just as putrid as Betty’s.

And why does Dillon never, ever have a date?

  1. I don’t know. maybe they swap clothes or something alot? Veronica seems to sometimes wear expensive looking clothes, to me atleast.
    Wait… Although alot of stories contradict this; maybe they both shop at the same store only veronica buys alot more because of her money? It would explain it…
    Dilton probably never gets a date because he’s the nerd character. nerd characters are usally too wrapped up in their computers or science or something to care about boys…
    Although I do recall a female dilton character who he might’ve dated or gotten romantic with…

Thank you BrightEyes! :slight_smile:

your welcome.

Will there ever be a Lobo movie?

Is Jughead gay?

Where do Wolverine’s claws go when he retracts them?

What is the worst issue ever?

Please explain Jean Grey’s story arc in 75 words or less.

Speaking of Lobo, what the hell happened to him?


Do you think long running characters (Batman, Spider-Man, X-Men, etc) should get “rebooted” every so often? I know Marvel revamped the X-Men recently. Wouldn’t it help to bring in new readers by making the characters more contemporary?

  1. Lobo movie would be unlikely. probably to do with the rather adult content lobo comics have i don’t think it’ll happen soon.
  2. Jughead is most likely nonsexual meaning anything sexually dosesn’t interest him :smiley: . I think in past archie comics issues he’s had relationships with girls(i think in archie 3000 he dated a descendant of archie andrews :eek: ).
  3. Wolverine’s claws go back into his knuckles every time. quoth wolverine about taking out and retracting claws:“It hurts every time”.
  4. you have to give me more middle ground ie worst marvel, dc, image. even better if you could narrow it down to series.

Do you mean her bio? A story arc is a story which runs multiple issues.
I could tell you her orgin and history…

What are the official odds of a dead Marvel character coming back to life?

I believe lobo is lanquishing in comic book limbo until a writer needs him for something.
2) Yes, definately yes. Have you ever read a legion chronology?
To explain, legion of superheroes was a series about superheroes set in the 30th century(2994 I believe). Unfortunately, dues to lots of revamps and reboots and rewrites of origins, stories etc. it got incredibly convoulted and confusing.
Most comic characters need a good revamp every 10 years to avoid clutter.
Marvel does a good job of this with their ultimate line( comic book heroes wrtitten into 2003) although it is basically rewriting the old issues, it’s interesting to see a '00 spin on it.

It depends on popularity, but also convieniece of story. The company can’t kill off spiderman, he’s worth too much to get rid of. While say a writer has a time travel storyline in mind but can’t think of originial villian for the storyline(reffered to as arcs if they last multiple issues) he can usally figure some way to bring back the dead guy.

Correction: Lobo is (sort-of) currently appearing in Young Justice. Lobo originally had the power to make instant clones of himself (like Madrox from Marvel or Duo Damsel from DC). Peter David revived that power and had a teen-age version of Lobo (L’il Lobo) survive. Very funny stuff, but sadly, the book is being cancelled.


Ok, cool, how about this:

What’s the worst Superman?

What’s the worst Spiderman?

What’s the worst X-men?

The worst series* ever was the dreaded Street Poet Ray Put out in prestige format (square bound, heavy stock paper…like Dark Knight), it managed to last 4 issues and was…beyond words. AND it was published by Marvel. In short, imagine if your kid brother at age 6 had no artistic skill whatsoever and drew disproportionate stick figures. THEN imagine a comic book page divided up into four panels. Each page is one rhyme of "street haiku’ which is not haiku, but sounds remarkably like the Hulk does Dr. Seuss with a vague social consience. Under each panel, put one verse of the rhyme and in each panel have your kid brother scrawl stick-figures. The rhymes always had some stupid, banal vaguely liberal message: “Hurting people really bad/see them do it, make me mad/do it to me I get sad/if we were all real nice, I be glad” (to make up an example). Peter David once did a column where he had Dumb Hulk do a Street Poet Ray verse that went something like: “Hulk like beans/beans real good/Yum, yum, yum/destruction of the tropical rain forest may cause climate change”

It may be Marvel’s single stupidest business decision ever. Long silly story as to why it was published.

The worst issue ever? I dunno. There was the issue of the Forever People where Dan Turpin spent a couple of pages comparing UFOs to his hat. Or the issue of Captain Victory that introduced us to PARANAX-THE FIGHTING SPACE-FETUS (in both cases, products of the mad genius that was Jack Kirby).

The worst title ever was either Giant Size Man-Thing or Jughead’s Eat Out (it’s a cookbook you sick pervs!)

But worst single issue? I dunno.


*Series from a legit publisher. Some schlocky Solson title published during the Black and White boom of the '80s doesn’t count.