Ask the Guy Who Bought Gas from the Guy Who Appeared on Letterman!

So I was buying some gas today, and went in to pay for it - and the guy behind the till looked familiar. I did a double-take - and yes, kiddies, it was Mr. Assman (first name: Dick), who appeared on Letterman back in 1995!

Taken aback, I just didn’t know what to say. So I paid for my gas and carwash (taking advantage of the special deal on two car-washes that he offered me), and left.

But, if you have any questions on my brush with celebrity, feel free to ask.

You’re kidding me! How’s he doing? I was wondering why he didn’t get brought back. I missed Mr. Assman.

Now you have to track down the Strong Guy, the Fat Guy, and the Genius as well as Mujibur and Sirajul.

I got a sandwich at the deli around the corner. Rupert made it for me. This was just before he was on the show and got famous.

I saw the thread title and your name and I knew instantly who it was.

So… has anyone heard from Kelly Robin Wilcoxen lately?

I bought some t-shirts from the jizz mopper in Clerks.