Ask the guy who just does regular stuff

People have a lot of misimpressions about what it’s like to do uninteresting common things in life. For instance, some people think it’s easy not to have some kind of exotic job or hobby, but actually that takes some effort because those things are very tempting to try out. Please PM me if you think I’m actually very interesting and have an unusual life, I don’t want anyone’s perception that I do anything slightly out of the ordinary to be exposed on the web.

What is “regular stuff?” Being a jet pilot and a male supermodel, I’d like to know,

I work at a boring job, go shopping for groceries, watch TV, stuff like that. I have never accepted a request to go big game hunting or become an international espionage agent. It does take effort, I have to wake up every morning and decide to do pretty much what I did the day before.

What’s your job? Did you have any childhood dreams that the harsh realities of life destroyed?

(Just tryin’ to keep the conversation moving . . .)

I’m a computer programmer. I used to be worried that might be an interesting occupation when I started 40 years ago but it wasn’t long before computer programmers were all over the place. And if you do the job for a while it’s banality becomes obvious.

The childhood dream that was seriously destroyed by reality was to become an accountant but I’m not good with any numbers except the integers 0 and 1.

What did you have for dinner last night?

What…is your favorite color?

How to your keep your appearance as unassuming as possible? Do you ever worry about over or underdoing that look?

A hamburger.

Blue. Just ordinary blue, none of that neon stuff.

I wear black or gray pants, single color T shirts or white button up shirts depending on the occasion. I do have a pair of khaki pants, I feel uncomfortable wearing something that colorful but I do once in a while so I don’t end up overdoing my regular look.

Are you satisfied doing “regular stuff”?

Ever thought about doing some irregular stuff?

Being polar times three, I’m sure it would be possible.

Right, off you go.

Pretty satisfied, but not overly so.

It’s very common for people who only do regular stuff to think about doing irregular stuff. See, that’s one of the misimpressions people have, that we only think about doing regular stuff. We just don’t end up actually doing the irregular stuff.

So…do you like…stuff?

I saw what you were doing in that bathroom that one time and, brother, that ain’t regular!

I herd you liek… MUDKIPS?

Like a tuba full o’ mayonnaise!

As for the central premise of OP, I don’t have anything to add, because I just do regular stuff myself, so have no questions to ask.

Have you ever done regular stuff in a threesome? Have you ever helped someone in a wheelchair, who is unlikely to ever do regular stuff, do some regular stuff?

Do you have any pictures of semi-known bodybuilders doing regular stuff that you could share?

I’ve done some regular things with two and even more people. It’s a tricky situation because the more people you have the more likely it is one of them will do something new, creative, or that confusing kind of thing that only some people do but not most people.

I have helped people in wheelchairs do regular wheelchair stuff like get into a car or get down some tricky stairs. That’s pretty out there for me, but ordinary for them, so I am happy to get out of my comfort zone in such cases so they can get back into theirs. And I am happy to help them do the ordinary stuff I can do that is difficult for them because of the wheelchair. I can understand how hard life would be if I couldn’t just keep doing the common ordinary day to day stuff I do. One of the greatest things about this country is the ADA to give people in wheelchairs greater opportunities to do the same boring commonplace stuff as the rest of us.

No, that would be rather an unusual thing to do. However, here are three photos of people who are not me so you can get a better idea of the things I don’t do.

ETA: If you think I am one of those people please PM me, don’t make an open discussion of it here.

What’s your favorite sexual position?

Have you fantasized about winning $1.6 billion in the lottery?

When did you first get into escorting?