Ask the guy who used to frequen Asian prostitutes!

Japanese prostitutes, to be more specific. In Japan, by the way.

Actually, with all my experiences, I could probably give a week-long seminar, or hell, maybe an entire college course, on all-too-many aspects of Japan’s sex industry. One of the perks (?) of being a decently paid single guy in Japan. I think **isthatsowrong ** (that was a fascinating thread, btw) said he had been with 80 prostitutes? For better or worse, I was probably with that many in the past two years alone. Do I think I have a problem? Maybe. When I had a serious squeeze, zero interest in prostitutes. When I don’t, lots more interest. I am originally from the States, and even when I have returned to the US (or Europe) for extended periods, have had zero interest in “Asian massages” “escorts” or other prostitutes, Asian or otherwise.

Anyway, I don’t even know where to start, so - you all with questions, fire away.

I will only say that Japan’s sex industry, while it does have its seedy elements, is infinitely cleaner and safer than the US counterpart. Partially, I believe, because it is quite a bit more out in the open in Japan, so doesn’t need to be tucked under the carpet as much as in the US. But that’s just my opinion.

What. A. Loser.

Well, I agree with Dude that the sex trade was cleaner in Japan than in the US - actually, since i don’t have that much experience in prostitutes in Japan, and zero experience anywhere else, especially now that I have found the LOML, so I am probably not much of an expert. But anyway, if it is cleaner in Japan, it is probably because it is much more expensive.

But anyway, um… isthatsowrong, the What. A. Loser. comment is a bit…well, odd, considering the source, no?

I think he was kidding, Dragon Ash.

Damn, you mean I got whooshed?

so, what’s the age range of these women dude?

80 in two years??

Damn, what’s your bank account like?

How many STD tests do you routinely go to?

ON the lighter side:

What sort of prostitutes do you prefer?

What’s the most remarkable difference between your experience and what we have read in isthatsowrong?'s thread?

Is there anything that we consider weird in the U.S. that prostitutes commonly do in Japan?

Is there anything that we commonly do in the U.S. that prostitutes in Japan think is weird or won’t do?

A Chinese woman once told me that it is generally believed in China that Japanese men are sick, perverted bastards. Is this true, or is it just left-over WWII prejudices?

Shit. One prostitute thread is enough. Share your information there. If you must.