What do you think about Japanese prostitution?

Hello, I am a Japanese girl and a student at university. But I have prostituted for 2 years as my part-time job to realise my dream to go abroad to study.
Nobody knows about my job without my prostituion’s shop owner and staff. However, I sometimes really want to share my experiences of the work.

I can get 350 US$ per 2 hours. In Japan, prostitution is prohibited by law but there is connivance at running a shop, called “soap” to women prostitute.
I used to work for another kind of shop called “health”. But in there, women can provide sexual services (blowjob, fingering and touching women) except for doing sex.
Male customers love to be treated like a boyfriend and want to feel healing instead of business like.

Do you thinkthat kind of work is really bad for my future?
Is the system of prostitution different from your country?

Personally, I’ve got no problems with your occupation. Prostitution in America, except in the state of Nevada, is illegal. This board skews to the left of America in general, and I suspect that you will find us more accepting of prostitution also. Nevertheless, people will probably judge you for it, so if you come to school here, it’s probably best to leave your occupation unstated.

Prostitution is ubiquitous in America, but police tend to focus on visible manifestations of it such as streetwalking, and from what I understand, private escort services are largely tolerated. We have a certain form of prostitution masquerading as “massage parlors” which are targeted by law enforcement much more than escorts.

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While a discussion about the opinions of prostitution would be allowed here (in IMHO), the OP is talking about actually engaging in the profession, which is illegal in most of the U.S. and, as I understand it, is illegal in Japan as well. This crosses the line of what is acceptable here at the SDMB.

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