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Questions need not be solely on my guyness. If you have a question that you think really needs to be asked, I’m your guy.

How do you all walk around with those things? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, don’t they get in the way? I ask my husband this all the time. He never thinks it’s a serious question.

Honestly, walking around never poses much of a problem. Usually it just fits in one area of your pants and stays there, so it’s not like it’s bouncing around like a jogger without a running bra on, smacking up against anything physics will allow.

Does this look infected to you?

Do you have favorite fellow guys, like Fawkes or Lombardo?

What? the gaping hole of oozing bloody pus? Honestly it looks a lot worse than it probably is. I’d say poke it with a stick a few times and see if it moves. If it does, maybe you should get it checked out by a shaman or voodoo expert or something.

I’d have to say my favorite is Guy Laliberté who’s the owner of Cirque de Soleil, amateur poker player, and part time astronaut. He seems pretty darn cool to me.

What is the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything?

What’s nine times fish?

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

I think to truly understand my answer, one must first know the choices available. For without knowledge, what is information?

Here are the trees:
Abelia, Glossy
Almond, Dwarf Russian
Almond, Hall’s Hardy
Apple, Early Harvest
Apple, Lodi
Apple, Red Delicious
Apple, Red Jonathan
Apple, Stayman Winesap
Apple, Yellow Delicious
Apricot, Early Golden
Apricot, Moorpark
Arborvitae Nigra American
Arborvitae Woodward Globe
Arborvitae, American
Arborvitae, Emerald
Arborvitae, Golden Globe
Arborvitae, Green Giant
Ash, Green
Ash, White
Aspen, Quaking
Azalea Formosa
Azaleas Mollis Hybrid, Orange
Azaleas Mollis Hybrid, Pink
Azaleas Mollis Hybrid, Red
Azaleas Mollis Hybrid, White
Azaleas Mollis Hybrid, Yellow
Beech, American
Beech, European
Birch, Paper
Birch, River
Birch, Yellow
Black Tupelo (Black Gum)
Boxwood (Common)
Boxwood (Korean)
Boxwood Green Velvet
Buckeye, Red
Buckeye, Yellow
Catalpa, Northern
Cedar, Atlas
Cedar, Deodar
Cherry, Bing
Cherry, Black Tartarian
Cherry, Early Richmond
Cherry, Japanese Flowering (Yoshino)
Cherry, Kwanzan
Cherry, Montmorency
Cherry, Nanking
Cherry, Purpleleaf Sand
Cherry, Sargent
Chestnut, Chinese
Coffeetree, Kentucky
Crab, Prairifire Flowering
Crabapple, Sargent
Crabapple, Snowdrift
Crapemyrtle, Common
Cypress, Arizona
Cypress, Leyland
Dogwood, Cloud 9
Dogwood, Corneliancherry
Dogwood, Gray
Dogwood, Kousa
Dogwood, Pink
Dogwood, Red
Dogwood, Red Cloud
Dogwood, Redosier
Dogwood, Silky
Dogwood, White
Ebony, Texas
Elder American
Elm, Cedar
Elm, Lacebark
Fir, Balsam
Fir, Noble
Fir, White
Ginkgo, (Maidenhair Tree)
Hawthorn, Washington
Hazelnut, American
Hazelnut, Arbor Day
Hemlock, Canadian
Hickory, Shellbark
Holly, American
Holly, Foster’s No. 2
Honeylocust, Thornless
Hydrangea , Blue
Hydrangea, Oakleaf
Hydrangea, Pee Gee
Juniper, Bar Harbor
Juniper, Youngstown
Lilac, Fragrant
Lilac, Hungarian
Lilac, Pekin
Linden, Littleleaf
Linden, Silver
Magnolia Centennial Star
Magnolia, Ann
Magnolia, Cucumbertree
Magnolia, Jane
Magnolia, Saucer
Magnolia, Southern
Magnolia, Star
Magnolia, Sweetbay
Maple Red Sunset
Maple, Japanese Red
Maple, ‘October Glory’
Maple, Red
Maple, Silver
Maple, Sugar
Maple, Tatarian
Maple, Trident
Mockorange, Sweet
Mountainash, American
Mountainash, European
Oak, Bur
Oak, California White
Oak, Chestnut
Oak, Chinkapin
Oak, Holly
Oak, Live
Oak, Northern Red
Oak, Overcup
Oak, Pin
Oak, Sawtooth
Oak, Scarlet
Oak, Shumard
Oak, Water
Oak, White
Oak, Willow
Olive, European
Peach, Belle of Georgia
Peach, Elberta
Peach, Golden Jubilee
Peach, Hale-Haven
Pear, Bartlett
Pear, Chanticleer
Pear, Kieffer
Pear, Orient
Pine, Austrian
Pine, Canary Island
Pine, Eldarica
Pine, Loblolly
Pine, Lodgepole
Pine, Longleaf
Pine, Mugo
Pine, Ponderosa (Pacific)
Pine, Scots
Pine, Singleleaf Pinyon
Pine, Slash
Pine, White
Pistache, Chinese
Planetree, London
Plum, Burbank
Plum, Damson
Plum, Methley
Plum, Mexican
Plum, Purpleleaf
Poplar, Hybrid
Privet, North
Redbud, Eastern
Redcedar, Eastern
Redwood, Coast
Redwood, Dawn
Rhododendron, Purple
Rhododendron, White (Hybrid)
Sandcherry Western
Sequoia, Giant
Serviceberry, Downy
Silverbell, Carolina
Soapberry, Western
Spruce, Black Hills
Spruce, Colorado Blue
Spruce, Norway
Spruce, Oriental
Spruce, Serbian
Spruce, White
Strawberry Tree
Sweetgum, American
Sycamore, California
Tuliptree (Yellow Poplar)
Viburnum Arrowwood
Viburnum, American Cranberrybush
Viburnum, Blackhaw
Walnut, Black
Walnut, Carpathian English
Weigela, Old Fashioned
Willow, Desert
Willow, Pussy
Willow, Scarlet Curls
Willow, Weeping
Winterberry Holly
Witchhazel, Common
Zelkova, Japanese

208 choices. What to choose? Can anyone really make a choice such as this? They’re all so varied. So unique. So beautiful in their own ways.

Yeah, I choose pussy willow. Because it makes me giggle.

What’s up with the obsession with boobies? Y’all should know they’re just large sweat glands, capable of producing milk; that get in the way when we wimmens eat spaghetti.

How can you just IGNORE me like that???

Hawt !