Ask the guy who's going to see Valkyrie tomorrow

Should I fart in the theater? I don’t know if Cruise is gonna be there, but McQuarrie will be. And maybe Singer, who–get this–is gay! Maybe I’ll make a little tongue flappy face at him, see if he wants to buy me a condo.

I envy you. I’ve been looking forward to this one since I read it was slated to go into production, even though being a historical story they’re likely to screw it up a dozen times over and I normally avoid even renting Tom Cruise’s movies.

Yeah, the Nazis are the best thing that ever happened to movies, so it will at least be entertaining.

Missed it. My grandmother died as while I was in the shower getting ready for the event; phone was ringing when I came out. Had to spend some time on the phone with my sister, the only family member I communicate with. She was Gramma’s favorite and had a greatly different perspective than I did, who never got along with Gramma. She was a miserably unhappy person, and somehow decided that I, being the only son (three sisters) of the man who “ruined” her daughter, was a mini-him. She never much liked me. Anyway, not to make this thread about my grandmother, but I missed the screening. Will have to wait for it to be illegally downloadable, like the rest of you.