Ask the Member of an Internet Message Board.

In response to Boyo’s “Ask the American” thread.

I’ve been a Member of an Internet Message Board all my life. Go ahead, ask.

What’s next?

How do you deal with the pressure?

All your life?
How old are you?

Do you believe that you were born a member of an internet message board, or is being a member of an internet message board the result of a conscious choice you’ve made?

Well I was born in March, 2002.

So I’m six.

I was born that way. I don’t consider it a curse though (Well sometimes it can be)

Are scalar weapons for real?

I have no physical body. I am just the only Member without a human part.

A member with no members, as it were.

Has your ass grafted to your chair?

Honest question: Do some of your friends and family members consider your message boarding to be a little “weird”?

What do you say to those who consider message boarding a kind of torture?

Do you as a life long member of a message board believe in the “Moderator”; and if so, do you believe that the message board or its members can be influenced by the Moderator? (Like being “banned”, i.e. “cursed” or “excommunicated”.)

Stay out of GD?

Could you condense all the internet wisdom you’ve been exposed to into less than three sentences (and share it :slight_smile: )?

missed the edit window, but I still feel compelled to correct myself and say fewer than… :frowning:

How do I keep my threads from sinking like a stone?

I’ll field this one!!


Would you care to tell us which “Internet Message Board” you are a member of, and what exactly does the term mean?