Criticize board, thread closed

Wow. So I express dissatisfaction with the board on my “Should I become a member?” thread, and it is summarily closed by an administrator who basically tells me to get lost.

That speaks volumes, now, doesn’t it?

I’ve never seen that kind of behavior on a forum before. Granted, I don’t hang out on many forums, and I’m sure there are places that are worse, but I have to say I expected better from this crowd.

I reckon I should take the advice.

But I have to say, it’s tremendously disappointing.

Your thread was closed because it was a zombie, not because you expressed dissatisfaction, and the mod didn’t tell you to get lost she was just responding to you saying you didn’t think you were going to stay.

OTOH, this place isn’t for the thin skinned… :eek:

So that’s what she meant by “long in the tooth”. I didn’t look at the OP date and thought the thread was going along just fine, and I too wondered why it was closed.

You seem to have a lot invested in this place for someone who’s only been here for a few months.

That closing post was pretty polite, too. Can’t win for trying, I guess.

You opened a thread a couple months ago asking if you should become a member. Many people read and replied to your thread offering what they could and what this forum means for them.

You resurrected it to let us know that you didn’t believe this place was really fitting for you. Not necessary, but thanks for the heads up anyways. Since your original question was really answered by yourself there wasn’t a need to keep the thread open.

Tuba just likes to keep this particular forum on the board nice and tidy. No harm meant** Kid’**.

On many, perhaps most, moderated boards, criticizing the moderation or the board as a whole will get you banned, and the thread will disappear.

On unmoderated boards, your thread/post will be quickly drowned in the sea of spam.

Pissing and whining over meaningless moderator issues…now that’s the sign of a true Doper.

So what do you want from us already?

Six months ago when you got here people welcomed you, people politely answered your questions, people pointed you to ways to become more of a member in the community.

And your response is merely complaint. That’s . . . tremendously disappointing.

If we have not met your expectations that’s unfortunate.

It’s like the neighborhood bar – you stop in at this corner place and man, those people are just awful. And the drinks are terrible. And the food is lousy – and such small portions, too!

But there’s another bar down the street . . . and the vibe is so good. There’s stuff going on that appeals to you and there’s people you dig talking to. The jukebox has your music on it. The bartender makes your drinks just like you like 'em. To us, that’s this place, it’s our home.

If we can’t please you here, having you hang out to lecture us on our suck factor is not going to make you happier, make you like us more, or make us love you.

Sorry you found our corner tavern sucky. I hope the next corner is more to your liking.

Hey, on some boards, they de-vowel you. That’s right. They get rid of your vowels so you will be an example to others. This, too, could be you!

Well, TheFatKid, by know you should know the culture. Either stay or don’t. But if you’re going to stay, its best not to become a one-trick pony, especially the kind of pony that makes a name for him/herself by criticizing the moderation of the board. The One of Whom We Do Not Speak tried that the other day, and, well, you know…

Actually, the term is “disemvowel”.


Fuck me he’s not making it up

Only 49.621% of the Dopers match that criteria.

38.186% over analysis the thread and nitpick the answers to death pointing out that common solution looked for doesn’t take into account noon on Shrove Tuesday when a black hole has a slight chance of popping into existence where our sun now resides.

23.379% fall into both categories.

All that data was made up. :slight_smile:

Of course not-the word is perfectly cromulent.

The whole thing is more a punishment for the other people isn’t it?

This can be overcome by inserting pictures of vowels in place of the text. Using a blinking eye instead of i would be so cool (annoying) for the posters.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, TheFatKid!

ATMB has a lower threshold for zombies. No biggie. Here you are whining again and the thread is not closed. Yet. I am sure you can mange to get a closing if you try hard enough.

While I enjoy hearing Prelude to the Afternoon of a Fawn, it is with great difficulty that I find a station willing to indulge me with any regularity. Therefore it’s played most frequently from within my own mind, which is for all parties probably the best course.