Ask the person who hates Jews.


My name is MeanOldLady, and I am what most of the posters here would call an ‘anti-Semite’ (though that is not how I think of myself). This is not trolling. I was not sent here by the Gestapo. I am not here to (in)validate stereotypes. I am here for an honest discourse. I will answer any questions you have, but may refuse to answer anything that would result in me disclosing personal information, or whose answers would lead to me contradicting something I said earlier.

That said, I don’t usually fraternize with people who aren’t anti-Semites, because like most people, I don’t like having my ideas challenged, so I enmesh myself with others just like me.

A bit of highly relevant background information about my personal grooming and health history:

I have short, straight, black hair. When I was a small child, my hair was long because my mother is very old fashioned, and thinks little girls should have long hair and wear bright colors. When I gained control of my hair, I wore it at shoulder length, or maybe several inches longer. Last year, I cut my hair in a bob, and have kept it at either that length, or at an inch or so above my shoulders. I have two small tattoos.

I have no major health issues to speak of, but my back isn’t always a happy camper, and it’s only a matter of time before my liver says, “Enough with the Jameson, woman!”
Back to the subject at hand:

I did not “suddenly” wake up one day and say to myself: “Goddamn, I hate Jews.” I do not hate people because of their culture or religion. I simply think they are evil, and the world would be better if us good people didn’t have to interact with Jews. I arrived at my opinion based on my OWN LOGIC AND REASON. My family is full of anti-Semites, and even though I grew up in a blissfully Jew-free environment, I met some as a grown up, and I didn’t like any of them, so I figure they must be all bad.

I do not “hate” Jews. I do, however, dislike them intensely and do not want be around them. If I had to put name to the emotions I feel when I think of them, it would be revulsion and anger. But not hate! That’s totally different.

For those of you interested, I officially had no opinion of them for years. My family taught me to investigate everything before forming an opinion (you know, the anti-Semitic family I brought up earlier!), and didn’t really bring up that kind of thing.

So ask away!

What differentiates Jews from other folks?

Very clever. Coming clean for the sake of your conscience yet masking it as a joke.

I’m on to you.

Borrowing a clue from my late minister, I will ask you, “What kind of Jews is it that you dislike and don’t want to be around?”

(He would ask people who professed not to believe in God “What kind of God don’t you believe in?” - because, he said, he usually didn’t believe in Him either.)

Jews have horns.

Quiet you!

You’ve been paying too much attention to those darn Eye-Talin statues! :slight_smile:

How do you feel about the grape Joose?

Not sure how long this joke thread will last, but how do you feel about OJ…that’s Orange Joo’s, obviously…


I can understand not liking something silly like cran-apple or kiwi-pineapple. But all of them? Grape and apple included?

Oh yeah? When they’re gone who will run the banks, MOL? Who will run the banks?

You know, instead of teh jewz, the actual parallel between you and our new resident chimpout troll would be . . . wait for it . . . spoiler box it . . .

. . . sobriety. Yeah, I said it.

And I thought you just didn’t like me personally. Now I’m actually kind of disappointed.

Aww. I thought we had something special. :frowning:

All kinds.

This is just one of many data that have helped me draw my conclusion.

Let me be unmistakably clear: I am opposed to ALL alcopops.

Joke thread? Again, all alcopops.

And who will turn a critical yet conscientious eye to politics, business, and culture? No one, that’s who!

Oh wait, maybe that’s the point…

But you gotta admit, there’s nothing like a good pastrami, no?

And those comics? Geez, Youngman, Dangerfield, Lenny Bruce…

I mean they’re not all bad are they? And they do cover the horns with those cute funny hats, right?

And Natalie Portman? Her too, because I might have to fight you on that.

So - why do you start a thread with the title claiming you hate people, and then in the OP insist that its not hate?

Have you been drinking?

Especially grape and apple.

Good Christians, like before the Jews ruined everything.

Oh no you didn’t!

I’m sorry, but evaluating each person requires far too much thought and effort, so I take shortcuts.

Aww, baby, we’ll always have Paris.

IF there are any good Jews, it was likely because they were raised by good WASPs.

Question ignored because it points out contradictions in my statements.

But you didn’t ignore it! You replied!

At least you’re making me laugh :slight_smile: