Ask The PMSing Woman


C’mon. I dare ya.

[sub]Don’t expect serious answers. Don’t expect correct answers. Don’t expect anything but whining, humor, and the occasional flame, if my cramps are acting up…[sub]

So. How ya doin’?

You don’t ask a PMSing woman anything unless you’re suicidal.

You just give her a whole bunch of leaving alone, and I am outta here!

:Astro Retreats to safe distance and dons rhinocerous hide gloves and apron:

Why do some women try to use it as an excuse to get away with just about any kind of behavior while other women, who claim they have just as severe PMS symptooms, claim these “I couldn’t help being insane I’m PMSing” women are massively over-emphasizing the “loss of control” aspect and are just using it as a handy excuse for bad behavor.

Have you been putting on weight?

You’re on your own, astro.

It’s every man for homself.

Xploder: Fine…for now. :smiley:

astro: Good question. Darn good question. And one that I just can’t answer right now, because the pickles in the refrigerator are calling my name. I’ll get back to you. Maybe. If I feel like it. :smiley:

Hey Persephone, baby, hot mama,

You look bloated. Why don’t you get nekkid and we’ll try and make you forget about those cramps:)

Does sex feel different for you when you aren’t feeling quite so fresh? Better or worse? (Assuming that you do, of course).

ShibbOleth: No. Have you been putting on stupid?

You do realize that if men got PMS, it would be covered by insurance. :wink:

Ow. Quit it.

What can I say, I have my masochistic moments. I was expecting worse, but that was pretty good.

TurboDog: Get AWAY from me with that thing! Good Christ, is that all you think about??? How can you POSSIBLY want SEX when I’m suffering so badly! Selfish b******. And let’s not get started on the “not so fresh” crap, okay? Those commercials annoy me just as much as they do every other right-thinking human on the planet.

Euty: Damn right it would. And since you’re a man, that means it’s you’re fault it’s not covered. Now go fix it.

Shibb: :smiley:

So… that would be a no, right?

Maybe she’s just playing hard to get.

That’s my guess Euty. You know how girls get when they start cramping and not wanting to look easy or anything.

Hey Pers… pads or plugs?

That’d be a “HELL NO GET AWAY FROM ME YOU PIG,” dear Turbo. :smiley:

See what I mean, Turbo? Trust me … she’s begging for it.

And YOU, Mr. Moderator Man, you too big to read your email lately or what? I’ve sent you two emails this week, and do i get a response? Noooooooooo. But you’ll walk in here and harass me, won’t you? Oh yeah.

Want chocolate?

Why yes, Abby, thank you!

[sub]finally, a voice of reason![/sub]