Ask the quiet gal!

I hate to talk. Any questions?

Do people consantly say “Boy you’re quiet.” to you? They say that to me all the time.

(Ugh. me too.)

Do people think that you are aloof & concieted? Or that you’re bored & miserable & hate everybody? I get that one, too, with distressing regularity… :frowning:

Yes and Yes.

Are you stealthy and quiet or merely quiet when not moving? Can you move like a hushed whisper, noiselessly slinking through the night on little cat’s feet or do you clunk around like a giant killer robot when in motion?

In all honestly if someone is too quiet opinion will often go from merely shy to “not that bright” or “nothing to say” to… well “differently abled”. Have you lost any potential desired relationship opportunities because of your reticence?

Then why did you start a conversation? Obviously don’t hate to talk that much.

Why don’t you just shut up already?!?! :wink:

I’m quieter than you are.



do you have social anxiety???

People always think that I’m aloof or miserable and hate everybody. I get that all the time. It bugs me. Thankfully most of my friends are “talkers”. God, are they talkers.

But–get a few drinks in me and I turn into a standup comedian. Go figure.

Alcohol’s my truth serum. Get me drunk and start a conversation with me about anything, and I’ll say out loud pretty much everything that pops into my mind. Ordinarily, you’d have to resort to tickle-torture to get more than five words out of me. (You’d never guess that based on this or any other of my posts. :p)

tobytobe, for me, it’s not social anxiety; it’s simply a matter of preferring to keep my thoughts to myself and letting others do the talking while I listen. I teach classes, so I assure you, when I want to, I can be a competent, almost animated speaker.

My question: what’s the best comeback/reply you’ve ever given to someone who asked or made remarks about your quietness?



**No, but everyone around me does.

Everyone I know knows that I am smarter than they are(no, I am not self-centered)

No. I think the reason I don’t like to talk is that I just don’t see a point in talking unless absolutley nessecary.


I haven’t had that much of a problem with that, but I’d have to say: “I’m quiet, so what? At least I haven’t been held back. You have… How many times?”

How do you know that? I pretty much never talk.

This isn’t a conversation, now is it?

Me too.

Mine too.

I hate alcohol.

Most people would be amazed if I talked and would want me to go on, so I will.

Me too.

With a name like bobevilsquid, I thought you were a guy!

Why did you start this OP?

I don’t know about that. I have to almost forcably open her mouth to get her to say anything at all and when she does say something it’s usually “meh.”

“In all honestly if someone is too quiet opinion will often go from merely shy to “not that bright” or “nothing to say” to… well “differently abled”.”

She’d fit in the “not that bright” catagory, I’m sure.:slight_smile:

“Everyone I know knows that I am smarter than they are(no, I am not self-centered)”

Yes you are self-centered and you are definently not smarter than “everyone.” :smiley:

I also want to say I didn’t feel like using the quote button so I didn’t, even though that has absolutely nothing to do with the topic.:cool:

I would have thought the same thing.:slight_smile:

That’s not nice or true. I meant in my class, save for Robin.

I don’t really know. I was bored when I did, that might be it.

Have you seen my post?


Are you always quiet? I mean are you a gasper, a grunter, a moaner, or a shrieker?