ask the really drunk and stoned guy

(or, you have two minutes to ask a question…

<grabs a big handfull of sausage and cheese and a couple of crackers>

…and then i gotta go crash, 'cause y’all, I’m pooped.)

Yeah, like the alternative title suggested…

What’d ya drink?

Does your drunkeness have anything to do with the fact yur girlfriend wont uhm… “service” you without a condom on?

Hardcore, bro.

**Chavardz,**i drank rye and water.

i don’t know…we don’t usually see each other when the other is out.

Wot you lookin’ at?

I’m looking at you, you foul faced fiend.

Oops! I thought I might just pop in to this thread, but perhaps I’ll bid a hasty retreat!! 'Nite all :slight_smile: