Ask the Royal We

No. It should have asked “What’s it like not to wipe one’s own ass?”.

Is the fine line between genius and insanity porous?

Being all haughty and de rigeur, now are you? you probably go around with your nose stuck up in the air like those old aristocrats, too!

Its witty quip has left us oscitant.

One must forgive Canadians, we suppose.


So, do you, like, forgive all Canadians, or just the west coast nutcakes?

That’s what I’d like to know!


I was going to ask why we drive on the parkway, but I’d settle for knowing where one can purchase a beef, bean and cheese burrito.

What have I got in my pocket?

Also, if I rip Wednesday and Thursday off the calendar tonight, will it be Friday when I wake up tomorrow morning?





Bet I’m prettier than you!

::flicks hair over should and blows kiss to Libertarian before leaving::

Would you like to shoot him now or wait 'til you get home?

You’ve been watching Silence of the Lambs again, haven’t you?


Chuck Jones cartoons actually, but the effect is much the same…except it isn’t remotely similar.
Smoke that!

Ah, good to see you back Lib.

I have a question:

Describe the general insurance pricing cycle, explain what features of the insurance industry cause such cycles to occur regularly and suggest ways in which a general insurance company may mitigate the effects that pricing cycles have on its financial performance.

17 marks (ie you’d better raise at least 50 distinct points). You have 30 minutes.

What? Why yes I do have my GI exam next week. Why do you ask?


Why is kabbes having a gastrointestinal examination, and what does this have to do with insurance pricing cycles? (Or am I missing something?)

Clearly, our magnanimity knows no bounds.

We forgive all Canadians, excepting Jim Carrey.