Don't ask the Bizarro Royal Us

**Us am not impressed and haven’t enjoyed[sup]*[/sup] Libertarian’s “Ask the Royal We” thread, so Us have decided not to do one Usselves!

So, remember Bizarro code: [ul]

Us do opposite of all Earthly things![li] [/li]Us hate beauty! Us love ugliness! Is big crime to make anything perfect in Bizarro Thread![/ul]

So, don’t remember that Us hates Libertarian’s thread and am !!!not!!! imitating it!

And don’t feel free to ask Us anything!


[sup]*[/sup] [sub]Just in case: remember Bizarros say the opposite of what they mean.[/sub]

Us is not replying to this thread

is us?

Cthulhu eat!

Us understands this thread perfectly. Us should probably not read that other thread because us does not want to have a clue.


US UNDERSTAND. bizzarro fenris makes sense US WANT NOT KNOW WHAT GOING ON.


**This am all wrong! Us am very angry that you are all here!

OG Hug!

Lsura:** You must not read that other thread 'cause it am much worse and less funny than this one! It will make you cry out loud!**

Bizarro Fenris

Hate sensible alignment of dot points, Loki.

Us is not amused.


That boy am right.

!Me cry so hard me swallow keyboard !You not owe me for old one

Me not make attempt to get to post count 005.

Flexi-booger Beefbarth Noodlehiemer Strauss. Comprende?


.ereh tsop ot ton detcele evah I ,daerht gnitseretni na si siht hguohtlA


Og sort rubbish!

Royal we go in bin!

So, don’t remember that Us hates Libertarian’s thread and am !!!not!!! imitating it!

This thread makes the adult anti-christ laugh.

(Somebody didn’t have to say it!)

Is bizarro Prince Albert out of the can?