The Libertarian Thread

No, it’s not about sociopolitical philosophy, it’s about the poster of the same name.

It’s for everyone who’s more than a little annoyed at Lib’s arrogance, superiority complex, and improper use/understanding of ‘logic’ to prove points.

I suggest that we have a good-old-fashioned roast of dear, beloved Libertarian.

Who would like to share a stupid, offensive, or unreasonable thing Lib has done?

Well, right now he appears to have me on his side in an argument on another thread. I’m not happy about that. You probably wanted something more concrete though, huh?

He killed my neighbors cat, and tacked its skin to my front door.I think it was him…

Ahem. I know I’ve previously said it in one other thread, but…

Why don’t we Lib and let Lib? :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, a Pit thread where the OP is willing to chop the wood but not strike the match. Hows about at least a link or a vague example?

Color me unimpressed.

[Jeffrey Ross]
I wouldn’t fuck Libertarian with Bea Arthur’s dick.
[/Jeffrey Ross]

Vorlon, count me out. And you know that I’ve been pissed off at Libertarian a couple of times in the Possibility!=Existence thread.

But while I think Libertarian has a tendency to get unnecessarily snarky, it’s a fault I also have. And something tells me you’re not blameless in this category either.

I may disagree with Libertarian on issues of substance, and I may not think he demonstrates Job’s patience all the time. But I do think he’s sincere and well-intentioned and thoughtful, and so my disagreements with him remain respectful (although I’m afraid neither of us is perfect at keeping our tone respectful all the time).

No smarmy public roastings in this corner.


I really didn’t think it would be necessary to provide a link, especially since the thread is expressly for those people who’re already annoyed by Lib. I’m not interested in proving it to those who have nothing against him.

Nevertheless, try this thread.

DanielWithrow: I acknowledge and respect you and your position, as I do with many of the other posters and their ideas on these boards.

However, I have frequently seen Lib fail to respect the intelligence and reasoning ability of others. Even more damning in my view, he has failed to recognize and correct serious errors in his reasoning. These errors are not matters of opinion; they are objectively wrong. Combined with Lib’s condescension, this rules out any possible excuse in my mind.

Sincere stupidity should be tolerated. Self-righteous stupidity cannot be condoned.

I’d be more impressed, Vorlon, if you weren’t posting this after Libertarian has stayed out of the thread in question for a day or two.

It looks to me like he has, temporarily or permanently, bowed out of that argument; for you to pursue it here like this is a little bit tacky.


I like that little dagger that Erislover used as a footnote marker-thing.

Am I missing something? Isn’t that the point of an argument, or is this just some fellowship-against-evil sort of thing? In which case it is, I’ll just step out over here, thank you…

This thread was inspired by suggestion of Libertarian himself. He attempted to ‘explain’ what God’s judgment was really about (committing major sins in at least three branches of Christianity in the process). Check it out here.

Oh, goody; we’re sharing!

Here’s what the prick’s done to me in the past:[ul][li]He caused me to examine my assumptions about the religious and their understanding of God more deeply than I’d ever cared to – and he had the affrontery to be delighted when my own understanding changed because of that. The cad.[]In his willingness to argue political theory point by point with me every time I’ve put him to the test in an honest way, he’s made me more knowledgeable and passionate about my own political philosophy, as well as more appreciative of his. What a jerk.[]He once kicked a puppy and laughed. (Well, that’s what I heard.)[/ul][/li]I say we string him up.

And those sins would be?

Methinks your example is pathetically inadequate for your purpose. In fact, you are the one who acted like an ass in the judgement thread.

Today in Straight Dope class, I learned that The Vorlon Ambassador’s Aide has a boner for Libertarian.

Vorlon, I think an apology to Libertarian and a commitment not to respond to his posts for a couple of weeks would do you a world of good. I understand why you’re frustrated with him, but he’s behaving a lot better than you are right now.


Can’t do it. He gave me a ride once when it was raining.

** Essentially, claiming to know the mind of God. Big no-no. Putting oneself in the place of God’s judgment is (at the very least) blasphemy.

What purpose? The point of this thread was to complain about Lib, not convince people that he’s obnoxious jerk.

Libertarian has consistently offered his personal interpretation of various theological issues as truth. That’s forgivable the first few times, but gets quite tiring when it’s repeated over and over…

Zounds! I bet he even believes his own opinion about art as well.
(Honestly, TVAA, where has Lib ever claimed that his own frame of reference is true for everyone else? I’d like to see that.)

C’mon, xenophon41, Lib has clearly claimed such right here. What? You don’t see it? You must not be looking hard enough.

I love the specificity of this thread.