blowero, this is how to write humor

blowero, in this thread you will please notice that Sauron effectively uses irony, hyperbole, sarcasm and humor in a humorous posting. You will also please notice that some of the replies are fairly serious in tone, and he is not pitching a fit about it.

Please also see Nostradamus. Where ever he went. Please also see Scylla. Please also see Scylla’s reactions when he misses the mark.

Please learn a lesson. Oh, and if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the fucking kitchen.

Just pointing out that the links are backwards.

This public service announcement brought to you by the National Council on Switched Links.

I am not missing my mark. I never miss my mark. At such times as it may seem to you that I am missing my mark it is actually that my appeal merely grows more selective.

Cool! Are ya gonna do “Stonehenge” on your next tour?

Oops. Sorry, folks; and I thought I had assembled it just right.

No joke threads in the Pit! :eek:

[sub]Except this one. And those other two. But that’s it. Except for a few others.[/sub]

Gee, how come you’re so uptight? I can’t believe you’re complaining about this…

It’s a joke, NoClueBoy. Hence the smiley.

[sub]Good choice in user names, by the way[/sub]

Libertarian is still off the meds. :rolleyes:

Note the “smiley”.

:smiley: Not too bad…

Somebody’s using me as a positive role model?

This can’t be good.

You did use the word “garrote” in a sentence. That counts for something.

You just got wooshed.
I cut and pasted DDG’s post from the linked thread.

Uh, This Year’s Model, you actually started another thread to continue the strawman from my thread?

The Clue Fairy just dropped by to tell you that my other thread was not about me thinking I’m funny. To continue with that when you know it’s a strawman is on a par with schoolyard taunts, maturity-wise.

Things that I have said:

You do realize that starting a new thread does not turn a strawman into a valid point, don’t you? Wait, what am I saying? Of course you don’t realize that, because you’re an idiot.