sarcasm, name-calling and pit stuff

sarcasm: funny, smart or silly?
while it is a recognized form of communication, it is not a language and therefore is not understood by every reader. sarcasm is prone to misunderstanding, which leads to ignorance. is that not what this message board is all about? avoiding ignorance?

name-calling: i find it disturbing how often i read a post, and find referances to other posters who are not posting in that particular thread. specially if it is insulting in any way. whats the point of naming a person when you can provide good and valid examples without adding the name.
for example: “it prevents incoherent buffoons like bj0rn from doing it”, compared to: “it prevents incoherent buffoons from doing it”. now, if bj0rn was already posting in this thread it would be a referance to his buffoonity in that tread, not other treads. but if bj0rn is not posting to that thread it would be an insult to everything he has said in every thread ever…
if you want to start a thread where you are going to do name-calling, please include the name in the subject.

and people, remember that we are in the debates…not the pit.

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A thread about sarcasm and name-calling? Hmmmm. Sorry, don’t think Great Debates is the place to discuss it. I’m sending it to the Pit.

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Let me start of nicely by saying that the assumption above would largely depend on just exactly what this certain poster has said “in every thread ever”.

I’ll give some other people a chance as well now.
Grammar, Spelling and Logic Bashing starts at 9:00 EST.

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Of course it’s not a language, silly man, it’s a part of communication.

Ignorance is a lack of knowledge, not a misunderstanding. Misunderstandings are miscommunication. If you misunderstand what someone says, it is up to you to ask for a clarification. I don’t know about you, but I learned many moons ago to ask for a clarification if I misunderstood something.

Oh I see, you find it disturbing because you’re often the butt of jokes, no? In most of the posts I see, if there is a reference to someone, it’s usually a friendly joke (these are not name callings, they are friendly jabs at others. There is a difference between that and an insult).

I rarely see any insults about other posters unless they have a reputation for insulting other people (bj0rn cough, cough), or deserve it (like the many trolls), or it’s a pit thread (I do hope you understand what the pit is for now).

Lets see, I guess it would be to oh, give an example of how not to be (when the reference is an insult). Or, it’s a friendly jab at someone.

You know what that’s called, it’s called using someone’s behavior as an example to others. Adding your name in there clarifies to others just how incoherent buffoons act.

I’m sorry, but you do show buffoonity in most threads you visit (i’ve never seen you venture farther than the pit or occasionally Great Debates). Also, no, it wouldn’t be an insult to everything you have said, it’s just an insult about you.

Why should we grant you that satisfaction? Why should we have to do this for your sake? Just so you can avoid threads where you get insulted?

Sorry, it’s in the pit now, baby!

Dominus ex equo descendit, villamque intravit.

Make a run for it while there’s still time, Doob.

Unless, of course, you like getting entangled in bj0rnie’s non sequiturs, mixed metaphors and general incoherence.

so, we are not allowed to debate about sarcasm and name-calling? or is it not possible?

thanks coldfire.

i said: “its not a language”, meant for those who would mistake sarcasm as such. awfully lot of people seem to only talk in sarcamic…eh…
im glad you understood what i said(or didnt say for that matter).

misunderstanding can be because of lack of knowledge…

if only there were more people like you…!

of course there is a differance between jabs and insulting…but thats not what i am talking about. im talking about “name-calling”, not jabs.

you write my name like im one who has reputation for insulting other people…why is that?

clarifies yes…if everybody agrees with you. otherwise it just creates confusion. one other thing as well…what if the “name” is not recognized by everyone? where is the purpose in posting the “name” then?

you do not know me, just what i have written…so it would be an insult to everything i have written for i would not know if youve read it all or not.

i could write a book about those questions and the replies i could give…but that would serve no purpose at all, for they are not the right questions…if you really want an answer please rephrase them more accurately.

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Melin has been banned and bj0rn has returned.

How can we believe there is a just God?

Sarcasm? Sarcasm? What’s this about sarcasm? I’ve never seen any sarcasm around here, nosiree!

Heck is where you go when you don’t believe in Gosh.


Dost my eyes decieve me?? Is bj0rn the Conqueror, who single-handedly has spawned more confusion and misunderstanding around here than ANYONE, accusing those around him of perpetuating ignorance by creating misunderstandings through sarcasm??

The problem here is not people who use sarcasm. The problem is when those people turn out to be 10x more intelligent than the targets of the sarcasm, and so they end up having to bop them on the head with the literal meaning. It’s not our fault that you need everything spelled out for you, bj0rn.

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Sure, it’s possible, Bj0rn. But you did not present a debate. You presented an opinion that arguably was an issue for either the Pit or ATMB.

What did you want to debate? What is sarcasm? If is has a place on a message board? Wheter it’s fair to call someone names?

Remember the description of the GD forum–


did i? please take note that i posted it as a question:

full link: language

also take note of:

another one:

whats the point? are people using sarcasm or irony as a shield just in case they are wrong? does one want to have the possibility of being able to say; “i was only joking” because one is afraid of being wrong?
or do people constantly have to test to see if they are more intelligent than everybody else?

i personally enjoy ignoring sarcastic remarks and take them as they were said…for i think it is unneccessary and silly not to say what you mean.
i call sarcasm and irony lies. i dont want to lie and i dont expect anybody to lie to me.

i do not want to wonder if anybody MEANS what he/she says, i take it as it is and accept/critizise it as such. specially not in the written language, for sarcasm is mainly for usage in the uttered language.

now, could someone please tell me why this was judged from the great debates?

there are alot of threads in the great debates that do not fall exacly into that category.
Gaudere said:

so i expect that there is no “likelyhood” of this thread turning into a great debate? (obvously not while its in the pit…)
so i ask…could you, moderator, please move this thread back where i intended it to be. i wanted this thread to be in the great debates, because i wanted people to debate about the given subject, not turn it into a flamewar like it would have elsewhere (seeing its not a topic for the MPSIMS or general questions).

bj0rn - what if god misunderstood you?

I wonder if your communications would be easier to follow if you used a keyboard with punctuation keys on it?
I daresay your English is better than my Icelandic.
Do keep trying -as long as you continue to post I can never be regarded as the worst mangler of the beautiful tongue.
England is supposed to be the home of the eccentric but now it seems we have a worthy competitor.
I look forward to your future postings.

Either you are being sarcastic, or (more likely) you did not understand my first reaction in this thread.

I was taking a jab at the qulity of your posts, bj0rn. The “starting off nicely” bit was sarcasm.

Learned anything yet?

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"You know how complex women are"

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I dunno, personally I have a very dry sense of humor and I adore sarcasm.

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the Abrams’ bris was certainly memorable
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it is not sarcasm! it could be irony…but bad one as it is. it would be like you were meaning “starting off cruelly”, or something like that.

anyway…casdave, did you read that part about language?

any objections?

bj0rn - try begin sarcastic to a god.


If you mistake irony for sarcasm, please start a thread in General Questions asking people to explain the difference to you.

Sarcasm is something along the lines of my first remark.

Irony is, for example, you quoting an English dictionary.

Please, get your facts straight before you attack any of us. You’re making this too easy.

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"You know how complex women are"

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

This is the first time in a while that I have literally laughed out loud at something posted on this board.

“History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.” -Winston Churchill

if you say so…

on that, i agree :smiley:

sarcasm is only exacly that, if you mean the opposite of what you said (me quoting from an english dictionary!)

all in all…lying is promoting ignorance.

bj0rn - can you lie to yourself?

Huh? Wha? Lying?

Please explain.

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"You know how complex women are"

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

quoting myself here…


bj0rn - :slight_smile: