Ask the Spiritual Advisor!

Alas, my little ones! All about me I see the constipated chakras, the auras polluted with negative vibrations! Elucidator has kindly allowed me, Baba Ram Dos, the use of his identity, that I might offer my assistance to the karmicly challenged. Unburden your warped little souls, my dumb-bunnies, and I will help you along the Way.

“Truly, he has shown me the light!!”
F. Lakey Foont, Systems Analyst, Seattle, WA

  • “Guruuuvy, Baby”*
    A. Powers, Photographer, London, England

Manny! Cleanup on aisle 3!

And “Ask the Gay Guy” is? Little ones, do not let your anal retentive obsession with categorization blind you! That way is the path to Darkness, and Graduate School!

Ok, so if reincarnation happens, what is it that gets reincarnated? If I was Napolean, for example, then I wouldn’t be me then would I? Supposing that there’s some kind of immutable soul traveling between bodies, what about this soul makes it “mine” if I am neither myself nor Napolean?

I nominate this so-called thread for MPSIMM.

I’m speechless. Postless. Whatever.

I have no friggin’ idea in the universe what to do with this thread.

So I’m going to close it. elucidator, don’t take that as a rebuke or anything like that. Feel free to reword your post and start a thread in the appropriate forum.

Indeed, after consulatation with the OP, this is intended to be one of those “Ask the ____” threads. The right place for one from a “spiritual advisor” is MPSIMS.

Missing that fact the first time around is proof that someone’s karma ran over my dogma.

So off it goes.