'Ask The' threads

I am inexplicably fascinated by the ‘Ask The’ threads here; however, for some reason, the search feature doesn’t want to help me out regarding this. Does anybody know of any good ones, or perhaps a thread where a similar question was asked and a compilation thus occured? Thanks. :slight_smile:

This is because the Search engine doesn’t work with words less than four alphabets (both “ask” and “the” are just three alphabets).

Anyone have any suggestions how to work around this? I am suggesting all “Ask the” threads be prefix with a [ASKTHE] tag or something like that so the search engine could find those threads…

Just a suggestion…

If there is a particular topic you are interested in asking about, of course, you could search for that subject. But I’m sure you’ve already thought of that, and just want any subject that’s been addressed in this matter.

A few I can remember from not too long ago:

Ask the Prison Doctor (or was it Correctional Facility Doctor?)

Ask the Gay Guy

Ask the Comic Guy

Thanks, yeah, that assumption’s correct, I’m just strangely drawn to the format. I’ll try out those threads. :slight_smile: