I'd like to see all the 'ask the ----' threads, but you can't pull em up in Search

Can one of you guys pull up the list? If you search for ‘ask’ and ‘the’ in Advanced Search, they are too small words to perform a search. Even the specific phrase “ask the” doesn’t work. And yep, I specified MPSIMS as the forum to search.

That’d be great to compile the entire thread list of all the 'ask the —'s, kinda like I can pull up all the sequential thread title threads in Search and bookmark that page if I so please.

In the future, people creating these threads should type in "Assk the … " instead of "Ask the … " to enhance searchability.

That would just attract the interest of giants snakes, and scientists.

Perhaps the best route is simply to hyperlink to as many as possible.

Ask the 1950’s Dad…

Ask the Guy in Saudi Arabia

Ask a black gay guy!

Ask the Shi`a Nizari Ismaili Muslim Woman

P.S. Odd. I typed in the search term "homosexual, then spend quite a lot of time looking, but I didn’t find “Ask a gay guy!”

Ask the Gay Guy!

Ask the Gay Guy II!

Ask the Gay Guy III!

Ask the Gay Guy IV!

(I searched on threads started by Esprix more than a year ago in Great Debates, and found ATGG IV. Links to the others were in the OP of that thread.)

All of them? There are hundreds, maybe maybe a thousand of them. But to get you started, here are a few:

Ask the “Great Books College” student
Ask the ‘time traveller from the future’
Ask the (not quite) starving Opera Singer!
Ask the (soon-to-be) Bone Marrow Doner.
Ask the (sort of) Linguist Guy
Ask The (student) Vet
Ask the (word) puzzle editor!
Ask The Other Teenager
Ask the 20 year old college boy at the prime of his life
Ask the 50’s Anti-Communist Crusader…
Ask the 50’s Dad…
Ask the 50’s Mom
Ask the 911 dispatcher
Ask the about-to-be-married chick or ACK only a few hours left of my singlehood
Ask the aging rock star
Ask the Aid Worker in Iraq
Ask the Airline Pilot who just switched from Passengers to Cargo
Ask the almost 30 year old schlep in Louisville,KY
Ask the almost journalist who wants to ask the journalist
Ask the Americorps member
Ask the Amish guy
Ask the Apathetic Guy
Ask the Arab Guy
Ask the artist
Ask the Artist!
Ask the Aspie
Ask the atheist, 15 year old, male Hoosier.
Ask the Atheist.
Ask the attention starved sycophant!
Ask the attention starved sycophant!
Ask the autistic person
Ask the Average Guy!

Not to mention these two:

“Ask the _____” threads I hope to never see
“Ask the…” threads you would like to see

Oops, that should be "maybe even a thousnad of them.

Ask the black guy

Ask the Baha’i woman

Ask the bisexual male teenager (one of several versions of ask the teen)

Ask the guy asking about the “ask the” threads

GAH! thousand!
I give up.

Three of my favourites:

Ask the guy who’s just read Lord of the Rings

Ask the guy who’s got a lot of time on his hands and enjoys talking about himself

Ask the bloke who’s forgotten more about cricket than you’ll ever know

If you want to look at more of them, go to one of the forums (the majority of the “Ask the…” threads are in MPSIMS and IMHO), then down on the bottom left side of the page select:

Sorted By - Thread Title
Sort Order - Ascending
From the - Beginning

Then it’s pretty easy to find them all together.

In case AndyPolley doesn’t make it in here himself to add it,

Ask the guy who’s severely color-blind

Man, he was just imitatin’:

Ask the Color-Blind Dude…

Sorry, did you want to ask something?



They start here, and go through page 168.

The search engines keep timing out so I can’t see how well it works, but something like this should pull them up:

*Ask the*

If anyone can get that through, let us know!

Well Skip, mine was about being severely color-blind. Although, I do consider myself a dude.

I just read your thread…great stuff.

Did you mean 148? It goes from that page you link to 146- over 250 of them (50 threads a page x 5 pages)! If you read them all, you can start a thread about ‘ask the guy who’s read all the ‘ask the’ threads.’

This one was almost Ask the Cyborg

Ask the comic guy…