Asking for your thoughts and prayers for my brother.

Yeah, I know, your well of compassion is probably quite low about now, the recent past has been quite rough and continues to be so.

My brother David goes in for surgery tomorrow in Los Angeles, he has a cyst on his pancreas.

The doctors hope to only take the cyst and as little of the pancreas as possible but they don’t really know what they’re going to find until they see it and so they can make no promises about anything.

This is a serious and dangerous time for my brother and your positive energy and your prayers would be very welcome.

I’ll keep you posted on what happens.


your humble TubaDiva

Nah, I think after the last week, our collective well of compassion is bottomless.

All my best to your brother and your family.

Very sorry. Best wishes to your brother.

Best wishes to Tubabrother and to you and your family, Jenny.


My dad is a doctor so I’ve spent my entire life around them. Some are nicer than others but every last doctor I’ve ever met is exceptional at what they do. Your brother is in very good hands.

Good luck to him, I’ll be thinking about him but rest assured he’s in good hands.


Sending warm, happy thoughts to you and your family!

Love, Cristi

Best wishes to you and your family. As someone (Cranky?) pointed out in another thread, this week must be very tough for people who are dealing with personal crossroads as well as trying to cope with the great big national one.

Your brother already has good fortune, as evidenced by the fact that he wound up with such a class act for a sister.

The well is never too low to offer compassion to you and yours, Jenny.

My best wishes and hope go out to you and your brother and the rest of your family.


A prayer will go out for BOTH of you.

Positive energies speeding to your brother and the rest of your family

I’ll say a prayer for David. Best wishes for an uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery.

Postive thoughts and best wishes to you and your family.

TubaDiva, I don’t know if you’re one for virtual hugs or not, but know that I’ve got as many as you need handy for you if you want them. At any rate, hang in there. I’m sending positive, warm, healing, thoughts your and your brother’s way, dear. I hope he has a speedy recovery.

All my best wishes.
A hug to the 2 of you.

My thoughts and prayers will definitely include you and your family, TubaDiva.

I don’t do the hug thing, so here’s a small, loving pat on the shoulder. [sub]pat pat pat[/sub]

Hey, dipping into the well of compassion is like parceling love for your children; you don’t divide it, you multiply it.

I’ll think of your brother, you, and your family in my prayers. Keep us posted on how he makes out.


All of my prayers and positive thoughts are coming your way, and flowing toward your brother as well.

I’m also praying for wisdom and discernment on the part of David’s doctors.

Much Love,



You know David has been in my thoughts and prayers for a while. It’s not gonna stop now. Besides, he’s got just the right name. :wink:


::wishin’ and hopin’ and prayin’ that he’ll be okay::

Good luck for him and strength for your family!