Your humble TubaDiva asks a favor.

My sister (who has already beaten breast cancer once)has a biopsy tomorrow (Tuesday 2/20). She has another tumor, the same area the first one developed in.

We’re hoping for the best . . . and expecting the worst, as you always do after the Big C has come to call.

Of course you don’t know my sister, but I’m asking for your good thoughts, your positive affirmations, your prayers on her behalf for this day and all the potential days to come, if indeed this turns out to be a fight.

I’ll keep you all posted. And I thank you.

your humble TubaDiva

Of course.
My best thoughts to her and the family.
Please keep us posted.

Best of luck for her. These things are trully terrible.

Positive thoughts coming your way, sister Tuba & family and Tuba.

As the son of a breast cancer survivor I will send my best wishes to your sister and your family.


My best thoughts and good wishes to your sister in this struggle. And to you and all her loved ones to find strength at this time. I hope all works out for the very best and your sister is well soon.


{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Tuba and sister}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}]

My thoughts and best wishes are with you both.


Healing thoughts and best wishes from our little part of the world to your sister, yourself, and your family Tuba.

You and sis are in my thoughts.

Tuba Darlin’, I am hoping for the best for your sister and you and y’all’s family. Hope everything turns out OK.


Here’s sending lots of good wishes and happy vibes to SisterDiva, Tuba, and family.

Your sister and the rest of the Tuba clan will be in my thoughts. No one should have to go through this twice.

You and your family have my best wishes and positive waves.

I will say a prayer for your sister tonight and tomorrow morning for your sis, you and your family.



I hate to hear that, TubaDiva. I’m sending all the good vibes I can your sister’s way. I’ll be sure to sign up for the next Race for the Cure with her in mind.

Good luck!
I’ll be saying a prayer.


I am so sorry to hear this. My prayers and positive healing thoughts are coming your way.

(((TubaDiva and sister)))


((((Tuba & family))))

Having lost more than one family member to cancer, I know your pain. You will most definitely be in my thoughts.

TubaDiva, I join you in wishing for the best for your sister. And if it is the worst, I wish for peace for you, your sister, and family.

Tuba, my mom is a breast cancer survivor. I will keep her and the family in my prayers.