Aspenglow ATM moderation

Are you meaning to single out Slicedalone in this modnote as if he is the one who started the tangent on the initialism “ATM”? Because it gives the appearance that you are, and rebuking him rather sharply. But he is just one of the posters who responded to an aside started by Chronos. It sure seems like you were acting out of a personal dislike of the poster. If you address the modnote at anyone, you should address it to Chronos.

I am not singling him out for starting the hijack. I’m singling him out for resurrecting it after it had died down 3 days ago.

The hijack started earlier, and we do let them run on a bit. But to resurrect a thread solely to continue a hijack is too much.

It seems like who ever got the flag is singled out.

Hard disagree.

Chronos made an off-handed comment and a couple of people responded, then it died down, and got back on track (to the extent that the discussion was actually related to Lindell somewhat) for almost a dozen posts. Then the thread went dormant for a couple of days, as there was not much in the news about Lindell.

Then slicedalone bumped the thread solely to return to the hijack, and even continued it with another post.

Now it’s true that there were multiple people contributing to the hijack, but if anyone should be singled out, it should be the person mentioned in the note.

If a mod’s trying to stop a hijack, does it matter who triggers the “Stop it” comment? Honestly, this sounds like third grade: “Jimmy, stop yelling!” “Why are you telling me? Cindy was yelling louder!” “Well, Scooter started it!” “Did not!”

Great analogy and in fact, that is 70%* of the replies to moderation here.

* Please note, just a guestimate pulled out of my ass, not a real statistic. Because this being the Dope, I know some wise ass will ask about that number next if I don’t include this note.

In fairness, the moderated party hasn’t said anything, at least not in this thread.

But here the teacher was wrong. It should not be directed at just Jimmy. It should be directed at everyone.

When there is a hijack, all posters should be asked to stop the hijack.

If the Note is for the whole thread and all posters, that is how it should be written. “Hey, everyone, the hijack about the secret ending of Big stops now!” Not “Hey Bobtheposter, someone flagged you so I am telling you to stop the hijack, oh and everyone else too.”

Already explained by the Mod in question.

Also, I’m fixing your quote tag. The endquote also needed to be on its own line.

Yes, correct for this instance. I was talking in general.

It varies, but we usually try to address all of the hijackers if it is a current hijack.

But we bristle feathers if we reply to one poster in particular also, even when we include phrases like “To All”.

But we do come down harsher on those that start hijacks back up. That is pretty common in GD and P&E at least. I believe FQ also.

I think there are some people on this board who are really invested in believing that they are modded based on moderators’ personal feelings about the individual or based on our own political leanings. You could not be more wrong, and you’re indulging in confirmation bias.

I have often moderated people with whom I enjoy good personal relationships and whose posts I greatly admire, appreciate and respect. One of these individuals is in this very thread, defending my moderation. He received a warning for hijacking – his first warning ever – and I’ll take this opportunity to say a day doesn’t go by that I don’t feel sad about it. He is a highly valued poster by me.

Just a couple of days ago, I singled out another poster I really, really like. There are some folks who post in P&E who really enjoy goofing but aren’t regular contributors to the actual subject of the threads. The “general mod instruction” for hijacking wasn’t working – and not just for her, for others as well. I decided to speak to them directly when the situation warrants in the hope that those who frequently indulge in making posts that hijack a thread or are there to only contribute to a hijack will adjust their behavior accordingly. She apologized and I appreciate that a lot.

Likewise, I have defended posters’ rights to post even when I vehemently disagree with their views. It is not about my personal or political feelings.

I strongly disagree with your claim, @DrDeth, that we just moderate the person who got flagged. I review posts both up and down the thread before deciding what action to take. Sometimes the person who threw the flag against another poster gets moderated as well, so the notion that we only moderate the flagged individual is an unfair thing to say.

It is not fun being the “school marm” of P&E and GD for hijacks. I don’t enjoy it. But you’ll just have to take my word on that.

I don’t think there’s anything you could say that would shake my certainty that I am absolutely adored by the moderation staff.

Well, even a blind pig hippo… :wink:

Absolutely, coupled with a healthy dose of “I’m ALL GROWN UP and how very dare you tell me what to do?!”

That happens all the time. Somebody will start a thread over here to complain about MODERATOR INJUSTICE™, the OP will pop in say “yeah, I’ve got no problem with that moderation,” and none of the MODERATOR INJUSTICE SQUAD™ will so much as blink. Just keep on beating their drums.

Happens in the classroom, too. You’ll discipline or just redirect one kid, who totally understands that they had it coming, and a totally uninvolved one will jump in to “defend” them. But really it’s just about feeling like they’ve got cover for picking a fight with the teacher.

Some children just really, really need to pick fights with authority figures. Sometimes it’s because they have a literal psychological compulsion to defy authority, sometimes it’s because they need to exert control over some little part of their lives but don’t have any idea how to go about it in a healthy way, and sometimes it’s because they’re just little jerks.