assassination insurance

You are your partys candidate for President.Who do you choose as your vice pres. ?If you don’t want to be assassinated,pick someone Everyone hates.George Bush did it,now its your turn.Who to pick? My choices: Ronald Reagan,Jesse Camp, and the sdmb favorite:ARG!!

Alright, I choose Charles Manson. Then the only people that would assassinate me would… would be…

Maybe this isn’t such a hot idea.

Howard Stern!!

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The ultimate assassination insurance is to piss off those who couldn’t hit you if the gun was in your mouth. I spoke once with a police bodyguard of the premier of Saskatchewan (where I was raised): the premier was sucking money from the urban middle class and throwing it to the rural areas, where his greatest support was. The bodyguard complained that if someone did pull a gun and start firing, he’d hit everyone but the premier since the people who hated him were pencil pushing desk jockeys who didn’t know one end of a gun from another.

Geese could you guy’s be any more callous?
We are talking about the murder of a human being.
Vanilla-Nice My fucking ass Take it to the pit

Dear Mr. Ghandi,

When issuing an invitation to the BBQ pit, please do not begin the festivities before the parties in question have reached that forum.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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This idea supposedly dates back to the early days of the Roman Empire, when the Emperor Tiberius allegedly chose his nephew Caligula as his successor because he knew how evil he was. Tiberius’ theory was that after a few years of Caligula’s rule, everyone would forget his own lesser crimes and remember him fondly.

Ike had the Trickster. And the Trickster did have Spiro Agnew, didn’t he?

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Pauly Shore.

btw, Ghandi, no one is talking about killing these people, anymore than They were talking about killing Dan Quayle when They commented that George Bush would never be assassinated.

Pauly Shore is right up there with Dan Quayle on my list as well but the ultimate in my opinion would be Kathy Lee Gifford.

I’ve never heard that story about Caligula before. From what I’ve heard, Caligula was actually a pretty nice guy (at least by the standards of the time) for a couple of years after becoming Caesar; he apparently went insane later and is now remembered primarily for that rather than the first few years of his rule.

I think that was Nero, not Caligula. As far as I can recall, Caligula was a complete wacko from the get-go. Nero definitely had a honeymoon period.

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