If you could bring back one assassinated person . . .

If, through some special magic, you were granted the ability to bring back one historical figure who was assassinated, who would you choose? Anyone you bring back is guaranteed to live out a reasonably long lifespan.

Your choice can be made through any reasoning - what would have the most impact on the world, what you personally would like the best, etc.

I’d probably go with Lincoln. Had he lived, the Southern Reconstruction wouldn’t have been as royally messed up as it was, segregation in the US would have most likely not been quite as awful, and the current animosity between the Republicans and the Democrats might not be so bad (admittedly, that last one requires a few logical leaps). I also thought about the Archduke Ferdinand, as he’s considered the spark that set off WWI (which, in turn, created the Treaty of Versailles which contributed to WWII) but I think that Europe was so politically tense at that time, something else would have started the war. The inner Beatles fan in me wants to say John Lennon, as we could have had a few more classic songs, but I don’t know how he measures up to Lincoln. :smiley:

So, how about you? Would you bring back JFK? MLK? Any other of the many, many assassinated figures the world has seen?

I’d have to agree with Lincoln. I think his assassination caused more disruption and misery than any other.

What do you mean by bring back? Have them be alive and here in the present? Or magically alive in their own timeline? Because my answers would be different.

Sorry I wasn’t clear in the OP - they’d be alive in their own timeline. Say, Lincoln would have decided not to go to the theater, or JFK would have skipped Texas.


“Hey, I thought you died… twice…”

Another vote for Lincoln, for the reasons already mentioned.

Then I would have to go with Lincoln too. If I thought it would do any good I would say Franz Ferdinand but if he lived something else would have been the catalyst for WWI.

I’ll add RFK to the list. I’ve got no beef with Lincoln though.

I’ll take a non-Western Hemisphere approach here and offer Gandhi. Had he lived, he might have been able to help bridge the gap between India and Pakistan.

In what way were things after Lincoln’s death any worse then they would have been had he been still alive and serving as President? What, historically, would have turned out better, if Lincoln had still been alive?

Reconstruction could have been a lot more substantial and meaningful.

I agree with the Lincoln choice.

I’m going to pick somebody who hasn’t been mentioned: Song Jiaoren. He was a Chinese politician who had just led the Kuomintang to electoral victory and would have been China’s first democratically elected Prime Minister when he was assassinated in 1913. If Song had lived China might have had a democratic government instead of a series of dictators.

Julius Caesar. His death ushered in the Imperial Age of the Roman Era and I think lead to a great amount of misplaced miltarism in order to perpetuate the Imperial system. I’m not suggesting that there wouldn’t have been something resembling it going forward, but I think a decade or so of his steady and war-weary hand at the helm of Rome could have (would have) lead to a much different world.

No, I don’t really have anything to support my claim (aside from nearly 25 years of obesssion with ancient Rome) but remembering the maxim that the winners write the history books, I’d put a few Talents on J.Caesar to run the table.

Hitler… Oh no, wait, that’s been done.


I wonder what effect McKinley never having been assassinated would have on the country. I don’t know if it would have been good or bad, but I think the US would not be the super power it is today without Teddy Roosevelt becoming president (he may have been on the way to that anyhow without McKinley dying).

L.H. Oswald. Too interesting and enigmatic to die.

In all seriousness, a lot of people would love to bring him to justice. Like throw him into one of his own death camps.

I was going to go with him, but, then I remembered that his wife died with him, which would be 2 people.

Anastasia, perhaps? Patrice Lumumba? Emiliano Zapata? Michael Collins?

I don’t agree that Lennon was assassinated; I think he was just murdered.

This is a great question; unfortunately, it makes my head spin.

RFK was my vote as we’ll. Lennon wasn’t in good health. I don’t know what you would have got out of him.

I’ll be the first to say Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.