If you could bring back one assassinated person . . .

Chris Hani.

I haven’t read the book in which this kind of thing is speculated (title escapes me at the moment) but it postulates that James Garfield would have had as major, if not more so, an impact on Reconstruction and the postwar Republic as Lincoln had. Plus, even by the medical standards of the day he should have survived if the doctors hadn’t bungled it so badly.

So, with Lincoln as a strong second and a reservation of the right to re-cast my vote if I ever read the book and decide it’s bullshit: James Abram Garfield.

I’m going to have to offer another vote for Lincoln, because it would’ve saved us from the Presidency of Andrew Johnson, arguably one of the worst Presidents ever.

This, primarily to save everyone the rioting.

Lincoln, because then maybe MLK wouldn’t have had to march.

My Hitler-CLUE guess was: Hitler in the machine shop with an acetylene torch to his balls for those 80 or 90 years.

Guess I’m out…

Wasn’t Andrew in trouble because people thought he was too fair in dealing with the south?

Why do people think Lincoln would have advanced civil rights by decades? His view on races is well established.

Lincoln, and he would have had lots of problems had he lived. His legacy would not be as great.

I can’t even begin to extrapolate what would result if this happened.

Andrew Johnson wouldn’t have been president, for one.

Johnson was far too quick to put the people who had been defeated back in power, and to remove Northern troops, who were still needed to keep order.

Lincoln would have listened to Grant and Sherman that the troops were needed to keep order and would have allowed for a smoother transition. He also would have had the ability to slow down the more radical Republicans. The result would have been a new South, not a status quo ante bellum.

People tend to like Johnson because he was impeached due to a stupid law, but Johnson was unable to take anyone else’s advice and was extremely vindictive to those who disagreed with him. Despite the fact his entire life he spent fighting against rich landholders and slaveholders (he probably came from the poorest background of any president), he sided with the completely after the war.

Lincoln is a good solid choice, but I see his interests are well-represented here.

To vote based on my personal whim, I am going to go with Crazy Horse.

If murdered ≈ assassinated, then I choose John Lennon. His work has had more of a positive impact on my life than any political or cultural leader.

I don’t share the current fondness for zombies, so I would bring any of them back.

By the way, do you know what dyslexic zombies crave?

Brians! Bri-i-i-i-i-ans!

I’ve always been a bit confused by what “assassianted” means. I used it think it meant you were killed by an assassin, or someone paid to murder you, but seeing as no one said to be “assassinated” had that happen, I guess not. My current definition is that it’s the murder of a prominent person. In reality, it might only count if it was done for political reasons.

I think this actually applies to everyone who gets assassinated - it makes for really great PR.

Yep. Plus, I have a feeling this would quickly turn into a GD thread. :smiley:

Since Lincoln has already been mentioned, I’ll go with a different choice. I’d like to see Lee Harvey Oswald survive to be taken to trial. This would have minimal historical impact since he’d probably be sentenced to execution, but it might help with the conspiracy nonsense. And since JFK conspiracies seem to be one the main catalysts of modern Conspiracy Theorists, that might be better, too.

It’s for political reasons. For example, if a Cub Scout troop kills their Den Leader for control of the pack, then that’s an assassination. If it’s to take the five bucks in his wallet, then it’s a murder.

Brother, you won the thread right there. The Johnson administration is averted, Lincoln is available to mentor Grant and save Reconstruction, and this country is a lot closer to the best it can be than it is today.

At least that’s this starry-eyed idealist’s dream. It may be that Lincoln’s martyrdom has done greater service than the living man ever could have.

But I doubt it.

I’d like to cast a vote for Benazir Bhutto.

Lincoln is a great choice for all the reasons stated above. So is MLK.

I’m tempted to choose Robert F. Kennedy–I would be fascinated to read a “what if” novel where he wins the presidency in '68 instead of Nixon.

But for someone whom I haven’t seen mentioned yet: Yitzhak Rabin. I think his death was an incalculable loss for Israel, Palestinians, the Middle East in general… really, the world.

If we’re expanding the definition to ‘celebrities who were murdered’ then my choice always goes to Phil Hartman.

Lee Harvey Oswald, if only to put to rest the conspiracy theories.