Assault of the Son-in-Law of the Fifth Cousin of the Sequential Thread Titles

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Stupid things the FBI has done…
Well, I never flew a plane before…
I’m starting to see a trend here…
Zero tolerance run amok again…
Experienced graphic design artist looking 4 work
Holy cow…dont tell me I ACTUALLY had this conversation…

Bad sex awards
For all Tori Amos fans…

Sex organs in mainstream movies.
Michael Moore

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More on strange cable channels.ThereOh, look!
Oh my god- what happened to Rachel Ray?


In praise of USB Flash Drives
this cat is going to give me nightmares

Jock straps
Things to drive your cat crazy

The countdown to my demobilization is at 28 days and counting. Can YOU tell?

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In which bernse almost bites it and causes mahem!!

Best Penis Examination Story Ever!!


What would you buy a 12 year old girl for Christmas?

Sex Toy Poll (TMI, duh!)



So, a Half-Cherokee, Half-Eskimo, Israeli Soldier Girl Walks Into A Bar…
I may be going to Ireland in April

Am I right to be uncomfortable about this?
Jock straps

just imagine the chafing…


Oh my god. On the porch… It’s…

In cafe society:

A “book” I suspect does not exist…

SF novel so bad no publisher could be found?


From the SMDB front page:

What to do in Barcelona? …Show yourself!