Sequential Thread Titles CLXXVII: When Hamsters Go Postal

There’s something morbidly ironic in this specimen from Cafe Society:

Marginal/Maximal:How gender,sexuality,and ethnicity create complexity in the artworld

Another from Cafe Society:

The Morrissey / Smiths appreciation thread!
What makes you cry?


Let’s play… Unfair Match-ups!
Aaag! I’ve Fallen Victim!!!


Sharp metal and sensitive body parts
What you see in other people’s front seats of their cars.


Ask the guy who used to frequent hookers!

My gums are very sore and tender…

Weird Stuff that makes you sad

I can’t shave to save my life - literally it seems.

Yup, that pretty much sums up Texas

All in a row, in MPSIMS.

All I can say is… hmmmm…

MPSIMS has several today:

Should I have a 3some?
New smiley I created

“I Love You.” “How Much?”
A reporter has contacted me… ??

Sharp metal and sensitive bodyparts.
I can’t shave to save my life - literally it seems.


“Should I have a 3Some?”

“Threads guaranteed to get a high number of views”


Ask the guy who use to frequent hookers!

What’s that you’re using as a gravy boat?


** Shuttle Debris - you just knew this was going to happen
Because everyone knows Arabs don’t surf**

Cafe Society:

What makes you cry?

Philip Glass’ music.

Just now in MPSIMS:

It finally hit me
Shuttle Debris - you just knew this was going to happen

For the moment, right below this thread:

Here I go again!
I’ll be gone a week

Earlier, in MPSIMS…

Should I have a 3some?
My gums are very sore and tender…


Orange Alert–Are You Sufficiently Terrified?
SECURITY ALERT - Squirrels on the Move
From Cafe Society :

Most Overrated Bands
Band of Brothers (DVD)


I don’t understandb Blow Jobs.
Ladies, would you look at my penis? How about you men?

Babies and wind.
Do you wish to survive a nuclear/bio holocaust?

Well shit.
“Stand-up” or “sit-down” wipers, what are you?

From BBQ pit

Q&A with the King of Pop
Forced Sterilization

Here is MPSIMS

A most bizarre medical problem
Thanks slut…

Just saw this one in GQ, the latter being one of my own threads:

Smashing through a window?
Trajectory of falling shuttle debris